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Police Arrive to Quell Violence in Edinburgh

steven reynolds | 02.07.2005 15:25 | G8 2005

Police Arrive To Quell Violence In Edinburgh.

Will be Televised.
Will be Televised.

Your Mortgage is safe.
Your Mortgage is safe.

Save us from these Subversives !
Save us from these Subversives !

In an area of Edinburgh where one serious assault is carried out every day , the police finally arrive in a show of force to protect the public.
The presence of 2 large financial institutions and the g8 protests on this street are a mere coincidence .
Hopefully once these protests have blown over , the citizens of Edinburgh can breathe a collective sigh of relief and go back to what they do best : attacking each other outside the pizza shops and taxi ranks of Lothian Road.

steven reynolds
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