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Police attack - demonstrators S60'd

Rage | 02.07.2005 14:22 | G8 2005

Following a anti-authoritarian bloc presence at Make Poverty History finishing point, the bloc tried to leave the park but were blocked and attacked by police.

A bloc of maybe 1000 persons tried to move out of the park and leave, but lines of police appeared blocking the surrounding streets and cutting off exits. When members of the bloc attempted to exit the area by the few accessible routes still left, Police moved fast to block every possible escape routes. Attempts to break police lines in order to leave were largely unsuccessful, being met with increasing force, first hand to hand then batton charges. Barricades were put up, but not enough to stop the police as they got incredibly aggressive, lashing out with batons. The bloc was forced into small streets around Meadow Lane, where police lines charged in at every turn effectively creating a cordon. Some of us escaped, but around 1000 are now trapped. Cops in full riot gear replaced normal wear and drove demonstraters further into the street. Eventually some riot cops pulled back to create second cordons, which have now been replaced with mobile steel fences which double as a cage.Those in the second cordon, which was mainly Make Poverty History protesters, but also some of us and members of the public were made to leave the second cordon area via a small pathway. The majority of the bloc is still stuck, we believe with S60 in force. Thats all we know for now, please update this story as you get a chance.

In solidarity with those on the streets.

Love and Rage.