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Timeline 2 July 2005

imc | 02.07.2005 14:17 | G8 2005 | Globalisation

Time line of events from 2 July

14:00 Make Poverty History march going on. People who were supposed to leave the Meadows at 13:00 still haven't started walking because the route is still full of people.

14:30 Anti-capitalist block broke of the main march and has been cordoned of by riot police around Buccleuch Street/Windmill Lane. At least one samba band is in the cordon, and about 150 people outside the cordon.
15:00 Infernal noise brigade have arrived for support.
People within the cordons are 'kept' in smaller groups. They can move freely within that. This is on the corner of Buccleuch Street - Buccleuch Place. The clowns are on one side, doing their thing (cleaning uniforms)
16:30 people are being released in small groups into the meadows, their bags being searched. Other people (including members of the samba band are asked for their names
17:15 2 people arrested
17:15 according to reports, the whole of the Centre of the City and the whole of the Meadows are under Section 60

According to legal observers: people in the cordon were photographed one by one