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Black bloc march in Edinburgh

solidarity | 02.07.2005 13:37 | G8 2005

Today, leaving the riotous sounds of the Infernal Noise Brigade amid the leftist speeches and liberal catcalls of the initial Make Poverty History meet-up at the Meadows, the black bloc of the larger anti-capitalist bloc that had earlier left Edinburgh Student's Union began a spontaneous march from the Meadows.

Leaving the park from a Northern gate, the bloc, numbering something in the region of 300 began to march towards the University campus. Blocked off by police, and, failing to push through police lines, the bloc retreated down a side alley and began to advance up a parallel road.
This was to be repeated a number of times, with panicked police retreating up roads only to be reinforced by a few vanloads of police and secure the road. Throughout all this the protestors maintained an incredible cohesion as a bloc, moving steadily (perhaps at times too steadily) and with great solidarity.
However, the cops finally outmaneavered us. As we advanced down an alley, the police baton charged around the corner, and drove us back into a more passive line forming behind us. Now trapped, a number began to seek routes of escape, and a few - perhaps, by now, many - legged it up an alley and out onto the main road.

Reports are now coming in that the bloc has moved to Home Park Square.

--Updates as the action progresses.