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Red Pepper launches G8 protest blog / supports Indymedia

SH | 27.06.2005 17:24 | G8 2005 | Indymedia

We press-released a version of this in the early hours. See you in Scotland.

On the eve of the 2005 G8 summit at Gleneagles, the UK's radical green- left magazine Red Pepper has launched a unique weblog that will bring live and uncensored coverage of the summit, the counter-conferences and protests from inside the heart of the global justice movement.

The 'Make the G8 History' blog is going out live on:

An international team of grassroots writers will bring the world an alternative take on the G8. Activists from Africa and the diaspora, Dissent!, Make Poverty History and G8Alternatives, alternative media activists, as well as Red Pepper writers, will report on what the G8 is planning for Africa and the environment, give latest updates from the next two weeks of counter-summits, events, actions, demonstrations, and offer instant unfiltered reaction to the G8 communiqué on 8 July.

The magazine, in its eleventh year of providing people with a critical and independent voice, will be working closely with other alternative and independent media in Scotland to counter the uncritical coverage of the UK government's G8 agenda, and the press's persistent demonisation campaign against anti-G8 protesters.

Speaking in response to news that police are threatening to seize Bristol Indymedia's server, Red Pepper editor Hilary Wainwright said:

"We condemn all attempts to silence the independent media and we join the National Union of Journalists, Liberty, Statewatch, Campaign against Criminalising Communities, International Federation of Journalists, Reporters Sans Frontiers, Privacy International, Liberty and many more groups in expressing complete and unconditional support for Indymedia at the G8."

Indymedia's ( importance to both activists and wider society is underlined by the ongoing prosecution of 28 police officers in Italy for the attacks on activists in Genoa 2001, in which Indymedia film footage, photographs and testimonies are playing a central role.

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