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Brian Haw says `Just do it`

Paul O'Hanlon | 26.06.2005 13:49 | G8 2005 | Anti-racism | Free Spaces | Globalisation | London | World

Here are 8 recent photos of Brian Haw who has now been in Parliament Square for over 4 years. The photos were all taken on Friday 24th June 2005.

Brian Haw in the square
Brian Haw in the square

Brian in the rain - he's there 24/7!
Brian in the rain - he's there 24/7!

`Stop killing children`
`Stop killing children`

`Freedom Lite`
`Freedom Lite`

We have the right to protest.
We have the right to protest.

Brian and his display
Brian and his display

Dumbo Dubya is `Wanted`
Dumbo Dubya is `Wanted`

Houses of Parliament overlook Brian's display.
Houses of Parliament overlook Brian's display.


Parliament Square peace protestor Brian Haw has passed the four-year mark on his one-man protest in London’s Parliament Square. His fourth anniversary was on June 2nd and despite all their efforts Brian is still there. I asked him if he had anything to say by way of encouragement to the G8 protestors. He said simply, “Just do it!”
He saw that I was a little surprised by that and he smiled and said: “ Brian Haw can be brief can’t he?”

I’ll be brief as well and just direct you to Brian’s Parliament Square site: and the 8 attached photos.

No speeches or complicated analysis. Just do it and see you all for coffee and cakes with the `cheps` at Gleneagles a week on Wednesday!

Public Meeting about Brian’s protest

There will be a Public meeting on Wed 29 June 2005 at the Indian YMCA at 7.30pm (Indian YMCA, 41 Fitzroy Square, London W1T 6AQ, nearest tubes: Goodge Street, Warren Street, Great Portland St.). The meeting will discuss practical ways (including civil disobedience) to oppose the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act, which will come into force on 1 July, and to prevent the eviction of peace protestor Brian Haw who can be arrested under the new legislation from 2 August. All welcome. Organised by us! - Parliament Sq Peace Campaign and Brian Haw Supporters.

Paul O'Hanlon
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and ?

26.06.2005 15:34

Four years, what has he achieved, nothing. Some old crackpot, one step away from the nuthouse

What a waste of time

what if we were all doing what Brian's doing?

26.06.2005 17:55

what a waste of space you are 'what a waste of time' ... by the way, how do You spend Your time?

Obviously you achieve much more than Brian or else you wouldn't have posted.

Just curious

Think about it

What has Brian Haw achieved?

26.06.2005 17:59

Brian Haw has done more than anyone to educate passers-by about the atrocities committed by the British government.



26.06.2005 18:35

Brian Haw has done fuck all except be a laughing stock. Only so called "activists" could think he had achieved anything.


Laughing stock?

26.06.2005 19:41

What kind of person laughs at the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent people? What kind of person laughs when someone takes a principled stand against such injustice?

If what you say is the truth, and society really does find this kind of thing laughable then I truly despare.

You may not agree that the war was wrong. That is not the point. The point is that to laugh at people who care deeply about what they - and a great many other people - see as a crime against humanity, is deeply fucked up.

What if it was your house that had been destroyed? What if it was your family who had been incinerated? How would you then feel? Would you then laugh at Brian?

Most people on their deathbed think thoughts like "I wish I'd laughed more". I bet you'll think "I wish I'd laughed more" - but not at people like Brian.

What has Brian achieved? He's achieved seriously pissing off the government - to the point that they've passed legislation specifically targetted at HIS protest. From 1st August, protest within a mile of parliament will be illegal.

What irks me about people like you, mr "waste of time", is that you think you're so clever poking fun at people who actually believe in principles and who deviate from normal socially accepted behaviour in order to take a stand, you think you're so big and clever for laughing at people who believe in something, and who follow their conscience - in short, people who *give a fuck*. And what have you done? It's always so much easier to snear at other people than to get up off your fat arse and actually do something worthwhile.

Fuck you, tosser, you're a disgrace to the human race.

bye bye

27.06.2005 00:16

'what a waste of fucking time' seems to have now turned into the poster '.' over the last few hours. Smart move. Getting a smaller nick must mean your feeling like a deadhead? haha.

Perhaps this prick will fuck off now so we can read the indymedia news in peace.