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National Conference on Civil Liberties and Anti Terrrorist Measures Nationally a

Birmingham Guantanamo Campaign | 25.06.2005 08:55 | Repression | Birmingham | London

Birmingham Guantanamo Campaign has called a conference of all activists nationally to discuss the threats to our civil liberties and the anti terror measures and their impact on our abilities to oppose repressive measures and regimes internationally.

PO Box 12514, Birmingham B16 6AT
On Anti Terror Laws and Punishment without trial
All Welcome
16TH JULY 2005 11:00 – 17:00
Followed by a Public Meeting on Civil Liberties
18:30 – 20:30
The Custard Factory,
Gibb Street
Speakers invited include
Moazzam Begg
Azmat Begg
Members of Babar Ahmad’s family
George Galloway
Organisations invited include CAMPACC, Respect, Stop the War, Manchester
Guantanamo And Belmarsh Campaign, Socialist Resistance, Socialist Workers Party, Liberty, Peace and Progress, Muslim Association of Britain, Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, Iraqi Democrats against Occupation and many others

Birmingham Guantanamo Campaign
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