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Rosario Indymedia (Argentina) journalist attacked

taken from the global site | 24.06.2005 07:57 | Indymedia

Ernesto Torres, a journalist with Free Air Community Radio and Indymedia Rosario, was attached by members of the Movimiento Barrios de Pie while providing coverage to a march in opposition to the regime of current [Argentinian] president Néstor Kirchner. The unfortunate event took place Monday, June 20, at midday, during a presidential visit to the city of Rosario related to flag-day festivities. First, militants of the Barrios de Pie organization - allied to the national government - used sticks to attack members of organizations of unemployed persons and human rights organizations who were carrying out a protest a few blocks away from the official ceremony. Ernesto Torres was the only journalist present and he was taking pictures of the attacks when he was brutally struck in the head with a stick. Next his camera was stolen and he was thrown to the ground, where a mob repeatedly kicked him.

The organizations which were attacked were there to demand a raise of the subsidy for unemployed persons to $350, universalization of social programs, and liberty for all fighters for social justice now in jail. These demands show the discrepancies in President Kirchner's loud talk about human rights. A president who surrounds himself with people like the current Minister of the Interior, Anibal Fernandez, who is tied to the Avellaneda Massacre of June, 2002 which ended the lives of protesters Darío Santillán and Maximiliano Kosteki. A president who, in Santa Fe province, hugged former governor Carlos Reutemann, the man who presided over the Massacre of December, 2001, which left nine people dead from police repression, and the avoidable flood of the city of Santa Fe, which ended the lives of more than one hundred people. Before giving his speech in the official ceremony, President Kirchner met with the families of victims of the 2001 Rosario repression and once again raised the flag of human rights. At the same moment, in a street in which curiously there was not one single policeman despite the heavy security in place in the area, militants of the Kirchnerist group Barrios de Pie attacked the opposition protest with sticks. Movimiento Barrios de Pie is an organization which arose from the heat of popular movements, and it played an important part in protests against the government of Eduardo Duhalde in 2002. Neverthelesss, since the rise of Kirchner, it has become connected to officialism to such an extent that some of its leaders are important members of the national government. The most recent events appear to indicate that the people responsible for its actions in Rosario have decided to move to a new phase, in which Barrios de Pie fills the roll of an attack group, reminiscient of the tradition of union combat groups of the Peronist right. We invite you to add your voice to the protest of these events by sending your message of solidarity to the following email address: More info on and Indymedia Rosario (Argentina)

taken from the global site