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Filthy Radical Show 3 - mp3s

Dan | 23.06.2005 16:50 | Free Spaces | Sheffield

3rd outing for the Filthy Radical Show...

Show 3 part 1 - mp3 20M

Show 3 part 2 - mp3 21M

Show 3 part 3 - mp3 1.5M

Show 3 part 4 - mp3 20M

Highlights from this week include:

*Cows with guns
*Advice on wearing sunscreen
*The war of 1812 - find out why the americans went and ran and cried. It involves the burning down of the white house which, the Filthy Radical Show would like to point out, we do not condone.
*Some Chomsky, & New Model Army calling for the lights on the age of reason to be put out. Somehow.
*A review of tabloid papers - going intrepidly in search of news. Not much luck.
*... and the regular weekly revolutionary song. There's a lot of them out there, it turns out.


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