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The Filthy Radical Show - mp3s for your pleasure

Dan Aktivix | 22.06.2005 17:28 | Free Spaces | Sheffield

If you missed the Filthy Radical Show during G8 shenanigans last week, here's another chance to have a listen.

- mp3 14M

OK, so they're not exactly 'polished!' But where else can you go if you want to find out just what kind of political system Fraggle Rock uses, why Bob Geldof is planning to start a dirty war with the French, or a techno version of the Archers...

Not to mention interviews with Sarah Green from Amnesty and Steve Montgomery, development director of Liberty - who talked to us about just how much the government's attack on protest sucks. (Both of these are separate files, if you don't want to wade through the filth of the rest of the show...)

Each show is broken into four mp3s. The first show is poor quality - audio-wise, I mean. The content is, of course, breathtaking.

There's also 'break the system down', a radical pot pourri of Bill Hicks, Dubya, Ani Difranco, Rage against the machine, Alan Ginsberg and more... again separated from the show for your ease and convenience.

Listen out again this Thursday from 12 to 1 at 87.7 fm. If you wanna come into the studio, or have anything you'd like to see... er, hear, maybe... on the show, let us know. And you can call in for a chat! 2814082 during the show... we might deign to talk to you...

peace to y'all

Dan Aktivix
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