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video from 16/06 (last one!)

a nonymous | 17.06.2005 18:05 | G8 2005 | Sheffield

last video i took

this is a video of us being moved from westfield terrace to devonshire green. again the police dont look too pleased to be filmed and shoved me about abit

a nonymous


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why antagonize?

20.06.2005 00:37

why are you in their face in such a rude manner? would'nt you feel uncomfortable if someone shoved a videocamera in your face? perhaps you think it makes good video? I don't think so. Even if they were in your face, doing the same thing back doesn't make it right. Maybe you watch too much violence on TV. Please show more sensitivitiy to those you are taping.


Cops and real people..

27.06.2005 09:24

He's only in the face of the cops...

Have you considered that perhaps the one holding the camera have watched to much violence in real life and decided that filming closeups of cops might be a way a way of preventing it?

Seriously dont feel bad about filming cops.

1: They film us all the time! (i know its not an excuse in itself)
2: They are cops and not real people
3: Everytime someone launch a complaint against the actions of a policeman they NEED hard evidence. Video might be the only way of providing it.