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FPF SPECIAL: NATO Europe taking over more illegal US warfare

Henk Ruyssenaars | 13.06.2005 13:52 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Repression

The collaborators in England, Romania, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany are to send extra troops to Afghanistan...

FPF - 13 June 2005 - In a special article today, the british newspaper The Mirror* only confirms that five-thousand extra british troops will be deployed in the american quagmire in Afghanistan. But the hidden reality is worse. Very 'underreported' is the fact, that a special meeting has taken place with US war monger Donald Rumsfeld at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, last week on Thursday.

Behind locked doors it was decided that - apart from Blair's british criminal Bush backing - also Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Romania will send extra cannon fodder for the illegal US warfare - without the people of the European countries involved being asked, nor their parliaments. 'US NATO Command Europe' has already decided...

The gathered ministers plan to beef up what they call 'NATO's security mission in Afghanistan' before the - as usual faked - parliamentary elections scheduled for coming Sept. 18. According to formerly respected International law and the Geneva Conventions, holding elections in occupied countries is not valid but illegal.

American 'NATO officials' however say they are hoping to add about 3,000 troops to the 8,300 NATO forces already in Afghanistan. It is known that US supporting German Defense Minister Struck said the German government was 'asking its parliament' to add to the 2,250 German troops in Afghanistan.

According to the latest Gallups in Germany and other European countries the people loathe the american/israeli warfare and do not want to be part of the US neocon wars, which are an inhuman disaster.

The Shame of the Netherlands.

Not only Washington's blinded neocons are to blame: by picking a mindless European clown like the failed Dutch politician Jaap de Hoop Scheffer as a US stooge and 'sell out', fronting at the american helm of NATO, the 'costs and killings' are secretly taken over by the uninformed and thus unknowing European taxpayers.

In Brussels it was decided that 'NATO's International Security Assistance Force' - as the killing hirelings are called - gradually will be taking over responsibility for the non existent security in Afghanistan: 'Killing and Destroying', as one sole protesting Dutch member of Parliament - Koenders - appropriately named it.

The despicable war crimes supporting Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said ''that NATO must avoid excessive optimism about Afghanistan because recent violence has shown how fragile security is there.''

What this disgusting NATO creep means, is that the Afghanis - like the Iraqis - still violently and rightfully fight against the murdering invaders that try to occupy and plunder their countries. They refuse being innocent victims of the international american mercenaries which guard the Unocal and other multinational's oil and water pipelines.

According to the Mirror: ''Last night, senior Ministry of Defence sources made it clear the 5,000-strong deployment would include support and communication units. The MoD also said an advance contingent of British and Italian forces will be sent to Afghanistan later this year."

All because - as is said again in another fairy tale - America wants to launch a new offensive in the eastern part of Afghanistan to fake 'tracking down' the non-existent bin Laden and the - many times by the CIA etc. paid - al-Qaeda 'henchmen'. The fact that NATO 'expands' and is misused to guard US oil pipelines and kill local people has also been possible because the US neocons have been putting the 'National Shame of the Netherlands' - de Hoop Scheffer- in front of the criminal american top of NATO: a spineless figure with brain nor shame.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said last March in Kabul ''that Washington had not decided how long to keep troops in the country, which neighbors Iran, Pakistan and oil rich Central Asia." It is a known fact that in Afghanistan (like in Iraq) the whole country - among the poorest in the whole world - is unsafe for any foreign human being. As is shown daily by attacks. So much for all the 'freedom'...


Last February the despised Bush-backing Australian Prime Minister John Howard announced that he will double his "boots on the ground" in Iraq. Worse than the Australian crooks: the malignant dutch 'managers' have with a lot of fanfare and media noise pulled back a few troops from South Iraq, but will go on there with military police and supposedly training local police. Worse however still is the fact that Holland is sending hundreds of 'commandos', Special Dutch/US trained Forces, with a 'license to kill'. []

So instead of winding down the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the multinational 'managers', the neocons with their compliant and industrial media keep lying, faking or don't give any news at all. The result being for instance that the Dutch taxpayers don't have a clue and are not even informed about what you've been reading here; about the squandering of millions of their Euros on inhumane and criminal war actions in Iraq, Afghanistan etc.

With only a few members of parliament asking ''Why we should take part in those illegal american 'Kill and Destroy' actions''?

They never get an answer, the media keep lying and the people die.

The 'US neocon blueprint' all over Europe has to be further torn apart: for the benefit of all people, especially those in the many by the illegal US-wars beseeched countries. The for this killing held responsible 'government' in the Netherlands calls itself 'Christian' too, but represents just an 'American Lapdog of War.'

Those murdering so called 'Christians' better reread their Bible:

Because: If you live by the sword, you shall die by the sword...

Henk Ruyssenaars

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