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Butcher Blair sends Burundians home to die - Take Action Now!

.. | 13.06.2005 09:34 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | London

The British government has stepped up efforts to deport war-zone escapees back to their countries of origin, leading to unprecedented criticism from the UNHCR.

"Christian Mahr, the deputy representative in the Office of the UN's High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), told The Observer that sending people back to dangerous countries such as Somalia was a recipe for 'chaos' that would make problems worse...

'We've brought this matter up at the highest levels,' he said. 'There have been many instances where people have been returned, despite the Foreign Office's own website indicating it is unsafe for someone to travel there...

Kami, 28, from Burundi had her support cut off when she lost a final appeal last April. 'Since then I've been homeless. I've managed to stay with various friends so far but it's very difficult. I'm dependent on them to give me something to eat, and I don't have money to buy milk or nappies for my one-year-old baby, conceived through rape in Burundi.

'I see no future and I'm so desperate that I think of doing something to myself.'"

Less than a year ago, Hutu-extremists massacred 150 Tutsi men, women and children at the Gatumba refugee camp in Burundi. Smaller ethnically motivated attacks have continued, giving the lie to claims that "peace has broken out" in Burundi. Communal elections held earlier this month were denounced as "unfree" by the largest opposition party, because of the climate of fear and intimidation.

Blair claims that he is only interested in attacking "bogus" asylum seekers, yet he is now targetting refugees from the most dangerous countries in the world. 350,000 civilians have died in Burundi in the last ten years. 3.5 million have been killed in Congo.

To speak out against this inhuman policy, fax your MP at

Ask them to ask the government to call an immediate halt to Burundian deportations. There are only a few hundred Burundians living in this country, and they deserve our protection.

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  1. Refugees in detention are political prisoners — Megan