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Massive UK Teknival goes ahead in Wales - May Bank Holiday Weekend

woot! | 31.05.2005 13:43 | Culture | Free Spaces | Repression | London

The much talked about UK TEKNIVAL went ahead this weekend despite police operations across several counties to thwart 'organised illegal raves' - it ran from saturday night(28th may) through till monday.

On the anniversary of the in(famous) Castlemortan free party and just days before the anniversary of the battle of the beanfield around 20-30 sound systems and thousands of people gathered to party on Betws mountain in Wales.

teknival up close
teknival up close

teknival view
teknival view

Police seemed fairly chill for the most part, but did do quite a lot of stop and search of vehicles passing along the access road. There were something like 30 arrests, mostly for minor possession of drugs.

In other parts of the country many other parties took place from the very small, to others attracting up to 1000 people.

More teknival pictures:

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