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The devil's advocate defends the Paedophile Hunter

Jan Boeykens | 25.05.2005 09:56 | Repression

Liberty of press in Belgium:“There were two Dutroux lawsuits”, explains Maître Magnée, famous for his remarkable work in the case Dutroux (Belgium): “That of Arlon and that of the press, the second being only vaguely inspired by the first".

The Bâtonnier Magnée will defend Marcel Vervloesem, the paedophile hunter who contrasts in nature with his other client Marc Dutroux.

He had become particularly famous for his remarkable work in this last case, not that he expected to soften the sentence of the child trafficker, but that he has a fair judgment, taking into account the responsibility of all the members of the network, and not to let blame him only, leaving other children in danger. Thus, he managed to unite child protection together with the respect the rights of the criminal: a superb work of lawyer!

“There were two Dutroux lawsuits”, explains Maître Magnée: “That of Arlon and that of the press, the second being only vaguely inspired by the first”.

Indeed, according to the logic of the Belgian media, the tiny kingdom would be loaded of isolated predators that contribute to the disappearance of 75 children each month, in officially non-existent networks. Maître Magnée thus wrote a book "Marc Dutroux, an Isolated Pervert?" (Calmann-Levy Editions), and tells what reporters "forgot" to report.

The devil's advocate is amused to defend the paedophiles hunter. As his Dutch is limited, he will not plead in Flanders, but will work in collaboration with lawyers of Marcel Vervloesem. In the framework of a cabal started in 1992, he is accused of paedophilia, among which by a man himself accused of having prostituted his daughter. What surprises is that without having questioned the child, the Flemish justice still presumes the detractor innocent after 12 years, but imprisons the one he accuses!

On the heels, the Werkgroep Morkhoven thinks of suing all those who has publicly accredited false information, may it be in order to harm the association of fight against paedophile networks, or simply for fun. The damage is inconceivable. For example, just as Marcel Vervloesem, the King Albert II is also accused of paedophilia, but him on the basis of picture taken of back. Although comparative analyses of faces are undeniable, the comparative analyses of bottoms have not yet proved any reliability. But what had seemed to aim at the royal bottom, was in fact aiming to generate the anger of victims towards our sovereigns. Thus, they are driven away from the only ones in position to resolve their situation, what happens to be at the sole advantage of the criminals.

Jan Boeykens
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