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Behind the Iron Curtain, Connecticut USA

Steven G. Erickson | 23.05.2005 20:43 | Indymedia | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Proposing laws to elected officials and being critical of police and the courts in Connecticut USA can cause you to be threatened by officials, arrested, and then sent to prison on questionable charges.

Citizens might assume that buying, fixing up downtown property, operating a small business might be encouraged and protected. If you live in Connecticut USA or some other repressive state, this behavior will end up in some form of punishment, arrest, and even prison if you aren't criminally connected with corrupt downtown officials.

Try putting "Steven G. Erickson" in a yahoo search engine and many posts regarding the alarming trends of repression and elimination of freedom will then become apparent.

"What is prison really like?" put in a search engine will give the reader a view of what it is like being abused in a US prison inside the US.

To be "Free" and "American" just might be an America living outside the borders of the USA.

If I was allowed to leave, I'd be on the next plane out, but I tested Free Speech in America, and find out the Free Speech Center is a US Prison.

Steven G. Erickson
Stafford Springs, Peoples Republik of Korruptikut
(Connecticut USA)

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