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Stop The War Coalition announces G8 Demo in Edinburgh Mon 3rd July

no war update | 21.05.2005 11:34 | G8 2005 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Repression | London

The Stop The War Coalition has announced its intention to hold a mass demonstration in Edinburgh on Sunday 3rd July.

They have applied for permission to march from Bruntsfield Links, through the centre of town, down Princes Street to Calton Hill for 6pm where a Naming the Dead Ceremony and anti-war rally will be held.

The Scotsman newspaper is briefing against the demonstration, encouraging the council to refuse permission for the protest, saying it would cost too much extra money to police and would cause too much disruption following the expected massive Make Poverty History demonstration the day before. "Edinburgh council tax payers have rights too" ends their editorial on the matter. One can't help feeling that maybe they should have opposed the G8 ever coming to Scotland if that's the way they feel about demonstrations.


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