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Social Centres round up

network | 18.05.2005 14:33 | Free Spaces | London

Ok, rampART in London is celebrating it's first birthday next weekend (21st May) and they will be having a bit of a party with band and stuff. They also intend to do some kind of presentation and show films about various social centres around Europe. So, how about we get together something of a round up of the current social centre projects in the UK. Leave comments here listing those you know of or write up something about the ones you are involved in or frequent often.

Here's a list of London spaces that I know of...

Insititue of Autonomy
St Georges Theater / Circle Community
Ragged School / Loaf
LARC (bought bulding)
Freedom autonomy club (does that count?)
Area Ten
491 Gallery
The 192

Some of them are arguably not social centre but it's difficult to define.

So please add to the list and write a bit about any that you know something about.



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