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Sequani vivisection labs demo report

Anti-Tox | 18.05.2005 00:33 | Animal Liberation | Birmingham

Hate vivisection? Live in the Midlands? Want to get active against the animal testing industry?
Then visit: (Stop Sequani Animal Testing)
Here is just one report from a recent demo at the disgusting Sequani animal Testing Laboratoriess in Ledbury, Herefordshire.

As the world day for laboratory animals march in Dover scheduled for today 30.04.05 was effectively rendered pointless by the police and council in Dover leading to the march being postponed, the Stop Sequani Animal Testing campaign and animal activists from all over the Midlands including activists from West Midlands Animal Action and Save the Newchurch Guinea pigs amongst others decided to hold our own unadvertised 'Day of Action for the Animals' in the West Midlands with a demo at Sequani animal testing labs in Ledbury followed by Gateway to Hell campaign demos in Worcester.

The first car full of activists arrived at Sequani vivisection labs this morning at approximately 11.30am. Noticing the stupid freaks had left their gates wide open at Sequani one activist ran for it from the car and got inside the grounds of this bloody hell hole for animals!

The activist was chased around inside the complex and then the potato headed security decided to use a car to give chase round their grounds, too much exercise for them on foot! Eventually after being apprehended the activist was let back out of the main gates.

Minutes later three police cars came screeching down the road, macho style, lights flashing, sirens blaring, oh yes, it's the Ledbury cops!

A red faced and miserable looking officer jumped out of his car and threatened to arrest a lone protester under section 5 for this, that, the other and whatever else he could muster up (nothing new there).

This is how certain Ledbury police officers ALWAYS treat members of the public who are proud enough to protest.

Around 11.50am eight cars with animal torturing perverts inside them were let out from Sequani after they had been waiting for a good ten minutes outside of their cars behind the locked gates. It's always nice to see these scumbags sweat and wait for extra police backup before they can safely carry their evil 'selves out of Sequani. They were treated to utter contempt and hatred by the fifteen or so activists who were now present at the labs.

Shortly after, a protester parked who was by the side of the road was fined £30 on the spot by cops for beeping her horn! Pathetic! A quick whip round ensured she had the £30 to pay the fine. We always look after our own.

By 12.30pm fifty activists were creating merry hell outside Sequani and of course the cops had multiplied to about 12 with extra cop cars and cctv wagons drifting by every now and then, section 5's had now been given to anyone using a horn, whistle, megaphone or drum, so fifty people used their voices which created even more uproar! The noise was tremendous for the animals that are locked up in windowless sheds trapped, sick and dying inside Sequani.

The cops had been completely caught by suprise today, not like the last demo that had been advertised so as they could organise themselves beforehand. The element of surprise payed off. We'll never be beaten by anyone.

Ten or so activists left the main demo to go round the sides and back of this stinking pit to use their whistles, their horns and voices away from the over zealous fascist Ledbury police. A cop helicopter had been deployed to circle the death camp and keep its beady eye on activists who had gotten round the perimeters of Sequani. Flying low and hovering, it remained in the area for 20+ minutes. Meanwhile the place was surrounded by noisy activists on all sides. What a demo!

The local press (Herefordshire times - out on Fridays) had now joined the main demo at the front of the lab. The more adverse publicity this disgusting and disgraceful place gets the better.

2.30pm - All fifty activists marched into Ledbury. Banners displayed, leaflets distributed, horns, whistles and voices resounded round the town to wake it up from its slumber. Animal torturers are on their doorstep, the message was 'time to wake up, fight back and do something about it'. Residents came out from every shop to watch the march, people drinking in a pub came out and gave the thumbs, people walked by the march and gave comments like 'bloody good on you!'.

We eventually arrived at Sequani Clinical just to show new members of the campaign the other capitalist arm of the animal murderers Sequani Limited. Activists quickly invaded its space and made a hell of a racket for half an hour although there was more than likely nobody there on a saturday, it just didn't matter!
All in the surrounding vicinity got a taste of things to come whilst being enlightened to the lies and propaganda that vivisectors spew to the public of Ledbury as they hoodwink them into become human volunteers for their clinical trials at Sequani clinical.

Surrounding bushes and a gate were redecorated with masses of purple ribbons in memory of the animals that have died in the animal testing industry. A police cctv van rolled up just before activists were finishing at the clinical arm of Sequani Limited.

The march left to make its noisy way back through the town, loud and proud! For the animals, locked up, isolated, terrified, sick, injured, terrorised, gassed and incinerated we marched, letting all of Ledbury know they must never forget what they have allowed on their doorstep and that the time had come to get up, be proud and do something about it! Overall an extremely succesful demo and definatley the best during recent years. Thank you to everyone who came and supported the campaign and we're sure we'll see you all again pretty soon! CLOSE DOWN SEQUANI!

... next stop of the day - Worcester, for four Gateway to Hell demos .. report to follow.

Below is an email we received from the lady that was fined £30 by cops for beeping her car horn!

What a brilliant demo yesterday. Despite the 3 hour drive (yes we got a bit lost) it was well worth our coming. the protestors were absolutely amazing - strong, united, compassionate and with so much determination.

The whole group were totally committed to the day and it was just a joy to see such amazing people in action.

The purpose of this email is really just to say a big thank you to everyone. As you know, one particular police officer decided to issue me with a ticket for sounding my horn when we came back from a visit to Tesco toilet (incidently we had a police helicopter escort there). Within seconds of me being issued with the £30.00 ticket protestors were offering me money to cover the fee and in a few minutes everyone had chipped in so that I wasn't out of pocket over this. Absolutely amazing - I didn't know half of the people there yet they happily gave money. Fantastic!

So instead of the police deflating the demonstration with this action they actually raised the spirits even more by highlighting how we all support one another and stick together.

Although this filthy hell hole is a long way from us, we will certainly be back!

Many thanks to everyone again.

Pics and videos here:

So there you are.

Regular actions and demos are carried out several times a week against Sequani vivisection labs and its supplier companies.

Never a moments rest for the scum that torture animals nor for those that aid and abet them!

Cheers for reading this - Now Act!