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G8 summit events info

Dee Senta | 08.05.2005 21:58

This list has been compiled by Bristol G8 Dissent's crack investigative agents - info for action! There'll be more info on issues such as legal support and transport following soon, once we've cracked the codes. If you want more info, or want to get involved locally (Bristol area), come along to Bristol Dissent's next meetings on 10 & 31 May. Also coming soon is a full list of events Bristol Dissent is putting on over the next month or so.

G8 Gleneagles Summit Events

Note – this list is a work in progress, details may change, more events will be added, some may be banned (wot - in a democracy?). Where possible check the websites for updates.

18 June – Bike ride to G8 leaves Brighton (for London)
1 July – Edinburgh critical mass
2 July – Make poverty history march & rally, from 11am in central Edinburgh
3 July: “Make Borders History” Tour in Glasgow
3 July - Alternative Summit in Edinburgh
4 July – Blockade Faslane nuclear sub base
4 July - Carnival parade through Edinburgh, visiting dole offices, debt collectors, employment agencies and more
5 July - Protest at Dungavel Detention Centre near Glasgow
6 July – Blockades & demos to stop the summit starting
6 July - Global Day of Action - a day of decentralised actions against the G8, in villages, towns and cities worldwide
6-8 July - Hill-walking actions in the Ochil Hills, south-east of Gleneagles
7 July – Blockades, demos & decentralised actions continue
7 July - Prisoner support (as needed)
7 July - Peoples Golfing Association open golf tournament on the lawn of Gleneagles golf course
8 July – Global day of Direct Action against climate change

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Meets last Tuesday of the month at Kebele, 14 Robertson Rd, Easton, BS5

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