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why its likely what struck the pentagon on 9-11 was a us military cruise missle

brian | 08.05.2005 00:23

the following analysis is quite good. But added support comes from page 36 of David Griffins analysis of the 9/11 Commission Report, where he writes: 'Is it not true that [the anti-missle system at the pentagon] are set to fire automatically if the pentagon is approached by any aircraft not sending out a 'friendly' signal from its transponder - meaning any aircraft other than one belonging to the US military?

The Significance of the Pentagon Hit: The 9/11 Coup and Why It Is Not Silly to Think Something Besides Flight 77 Hit the Pentagon

One of the most important yet almost completely ignored theories about 9/11 is that it actually represented a coup within the the US government by a radical group of US government officials (the neocons being a key component of this group), and that Bush acceded to the demans of the coup plotters. On the face of it, this idea may sound wild, but if you delve into some of the actul events of the day of 9/11, particularly what Bush did, the coup theory has strong explanatory powers. Here is my previous post detailing the facts supporting the idea of a 9/11 coup.

But why would Bush give into the demands of a rogue group of government killers? Possibly he had no choice, if they held the codes to the country's nuclear arsenal, or if they were blackmailing him in some other way-- such as threatening other attacks, particularly on government buildings such as the Pentagon.

What did this group want? War, of course. Most likely different members of the group wanted it for different reasons: they wanted to attack the middle east for oil (the Cheney/Peak Oil group), they wanted to start a "clash of civilizations" with the Islamic world (the neocons), they were tired of the cautious peaceful course the US had been set on in recent years (disgruntled miltary officers and military contractors).

While this group help set up the 9/11 attacks so they could easily be pinned on Al Qaeda patsies, they planted one big clue that it wasn't Al Qaeda who was running 9/11: the Pentagon hit. They attacked the Pentagon with a cruise missile-like craft.

They painted or mocked up the missile to look like an American Airlines jet so most witnesses wouldn't obviously see it was a cruise missile. But the people in the Pentagon would know-- and that is who they wanted to send the message to, as well as to Bush.

This post of mine shows why it is essentially impossible that flight 77 or any Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon. The approach path a 757 would have to take to hit lightpoles and make that hit on the first floor of the building is simply not feasible, particularly with a poorly trained pilot at the controls.

A smaller plane is just as unlikely for these approach path reasons, plus a smaller plane wouldn't cause so much destruction.

This is why we are left with a cruise missile of some sort.

Interestingly, the way a cruise missile travels is consistent with the flying craft that hit the Pentagon. From Webster Tarpley's "Synthetic Terror 9/11: Made in USA":

Colonel Bunel discusses the flight patterns of cruise missiles, which generally have a launch phase, a cruise phase, and an acceleration phase as they are approaching the target, so that they attain their maximum speed just before impact. He also points out that cruise missiles also carry out an end-course correction in order to impact the target at precisely the point and angle of attack desired. According to Bunel, “that is why it so often happens that the missile ends its cruising flight with a tight turn that allows it to adopt the right alignment. A witness might observe that the missile reduces its engine power before throttling back up.” (Thierry Meyssan's "Pentagate" page 72) This would account for the spectacular 270 degree turn carried out by the flying object that hit the Pentagon, while descending...

Also from Tarpley:

The military exercise called Amalgam Virgo bore a close relationship to the events of 9/11. Amalgam Virgo was a military drill that had to do with hijacked airliners,sometimes from inside the United States, and sometimes used as weapons. A cruise missile was included at least once. The best working hypothesis is that Amalgam Virgo was the cover story under which the 9/11 attacks advanced through the bureaucracy. Preparations for carrying out 9/11 were conducted under the cover of being preparations for Amalgam Virgo. Most of those who took part in Amalgam Virgo could hardly have been aware of this duplicity.

Xymphora has some other points to support the idea that a cruise missile hit the Pentagon.

The cruise missile idea also explains why there were no air defenses around Washington DC to defend against a hijacked airliner-- because there was no hijacked airliner! A cruise missile fired from inside the US would likely have evaded NORAD radar.

As to what really happened to flight 77, who knows. The possibilities are: it was crashed in a remote area and the scene covered up with the chaos of the day, it crashed at sea, or the whole flight was a hoax of some sort (supported by Gerard Holmgren's analysis that flight 77 never took off).

Interestingly, if you read David Ray Griffin's "The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11", the over-whelming take home lesson from that essentially straight-forward and non-cospiratorial book was that government officials were suspiciously confused about 9/11 and how to respond-- to such a degree that it was almost certain they were covering something up. Griffin did not speculate at all about what they might be covering up, but it seems clear now that this confusion by public officials was caused by the fact that there was a coup, or putsch, in the US by a rogue group of people, both inside and outisde of government, bent on war. And Bush gave into their demands-- a key demand being that 9/11 be blamed solely on Al Qaeda. The other key demands were invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and possibly other middle eastern nations.



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