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MAYDAY tesco action video

cpp | 08.05.2005 00:15 | Repression | London

Short 5mins video of the tesco action on mayday.

Short 5mins video of the tesco action on mayday showing how the police repressed a "distructive-violent" action and "saved" tesco from this violent people...

Low (4.2Mb) and high (14Mb) quality, both requires divx codec:



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probs playing

09.05.2005 00:58

got probs playing the file with DivX!

Any ideas



09.05.2005 13:34

Hmmm, Divx can be well flaky unless you are tech savvy, and this is very fussy on what it plays. Works fine on VLC player as do many flaky divxs.

Get the player here:

I would reccomend the wmv format to all guerills film makers. It offers the best quality / smallest size and it will stream, just click and watch, divx dont do that. Players are avaiable for mac and linux too. I suppose the only reason to use divx now is if you sufer from a really acute msoft alergie.

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no way

09.05.2005 19:54

using wmv format is not a good solution
we MUST consider using just not copyrihted codec as divx....


I get noise!

10.05.2005 01:19

Ok, now i get audio.....but no visual!




10.05.2005 08:45

Oh dear, just had a go at fixing it, making it in to a wmv, but I cant get it into any of my editors or Vbud. I really cant see the problem with using the very stable wmv codec.... I mean it's not like they charge for it, or for the compiler, it's all free.

Surely it is more important that conetent is veiwable. ALso those that object to using this codec might like to take a look inside thier computer.... last I heard Intel, AMD ect were not workers co operatives....

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wmv sucks

12.05.2005 09:49

that video is done with mac, as a .mp4 then renamed into .avi for windows users. If you guys download vlc ( should be able to play it...

wmv is a m$ format, which creates problem in others OS than windows, so it's not a good choice in terms of compatibility... we'll try to add another divx version...


FAO cpp

15.05.2005 15:34


Any chance of putting a .mp4 version on line?

For those with windows, get the lastest version of QuickTime, as it plays .mp4's!