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disaster help: Eliminate Hunger, Solar Hospitals, Water Purify

Lisa Meeker | 04.05.2005 16:38 | Globalisation | Migration | Zapatista

Using Advanced sustainable technology during times of emergency in the UK.

Also, many links provided to sustainable tech and emergency tech.

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utilizing advanced Sustainable Technologies: Disaster Help and Economic Development

Eliminating Hunger:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Please support LOCAL organic FAMILY farmers. Thank you.,,

Training for people in developing countries and emergency response teams:,,,,,,

solar Medical Equipment and solar Hospitals:,,

solar Refrigerators for vaccines and medicines:,,,

Solar Water Purification:,,,,,,,,,

Solar Water Desalination:,,,,

Solar water heaters:,,,,,,,

Rainwater Harvesting:,,,,,,,

Solar Water Pumps:,,,,

Free Journal about Solar Energy, Sustainable Techologies:,,,

Solar Cookers and Solar Ovens:,,,,,,,,,,,,

Dangerous pollution from Bio-Gas cookers:,,,,

Waste not, Want Not; a dollar Saved is a dollar Earned:,,,,,

Houses from the Earth:,,,,

Wind Energy:,,,,,,,,

Ocean Energy and River Energy:,,,,,,,,

Solar Energy:,,,,,,,, ( and,,,,

Micro-Hydro energy:,,,,,,,,

electric Bicycles and Vehicles:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

organic Vegetable Diesel Fuel:,,,,,,,,,,, book: "From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank", author: Joshua Tickell, run your diesel on used cooking oil. Fill your gas tank at fast food restaurants,,,,,,,,,

Indestructible and energy efficient buildings:,,,,,

Solar Homes and Building Tours:,,

Resource list: Sustainable Techonologies - contacts and links:,,

Please share this info with other people. Thank you.

Lisa Meeker
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