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London 11th anniversary critical mass report & photos

ben | 30.04.2005 10:19 | Free Spaces | London

April 29th marked the 11th birthday of Critical Mass in London.

It was a wonderfully evening, warm and with a great atmosphere. Well over 500 people took part (perhaps even a thousand but it's difficult to get an accurate idea on the numbers).

Mass stops in Cromwell road in memory of slain cyclist
Mass stops in Cromwell road in memory of slain cyclist

Flowers laid and a minutes silence observed
Flowers laid and a minutes silence observed

There was cake, toffee, free t-shirts, and the usual mix of bikes plus a fair few skateboarders and roller blades. There were also plenty of bike cops who liked to take charge but somehow always managed to miss those few incidents when a driver get violent. One cyclist was knocked down by a car on the wrong side of the road outside buckingham palace and in taking control of the situation the cops sent away all the witnesses!

The ride headed out to West London in memory of Thomas Sippel-Dau, a cyclist left to die on Cromwell Road a few weeks ago by a hit and run driver in a 4x4 swerving between lanes. Friends and relatives of the murdered man laid flowers and a minutes silence was observed as the mass stopped at the point of the killing.



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More info on CM

01.05.2005 16:17

CM rides on the last Friday of each month, meeting at 6pm under the south side of Waterloo bridge, we follow the person in front. More info can be found on this website...

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