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boaters on the allotments NOT to be evicted!

c_m | 25.04.2005 16:21 | Culture | Free Spaces | Oxford

GOOD NEWS today as Oxford City Council votes unanimously not to evict boaters moored illegally on allotments in Port Meadow.

Boaters have been living on the site for 8 years and never had a single complaint from other local residents until recently an ironworks in the area (under pressure from housing developers building new houses on neighbouring land) made a complaint.

They were due to be evicted on 1st May, but this intervention by sympathetic counsellors has managed to stop that. The council motion also 'invited them to apply for planning permission', which doesn't guarantee they'll get it, but even in the worst case scenario if they are refused and the eviction process starts again, at least this means more time to prepare to resist, if that's what they decide to do.

yippeeee :)



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Nice one - keep us updated

25.04.2005 21:25

good work all you folks who have been campaigning :-)

but keep us updated if they turn round and try to screw you - good luck!

spirit of the river


25.04.2005 23:51

Hopefully this should all be sorted now since the mood of the Council meeting was pretty decisive, and the responsible Council officer was in the room to see it. I should imagine he got the message.


Matt S