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Harrow College Strike Film

blackpropaganda | 24.04.2005 15:20 | Education | Workers' Movements | London

I'm an economic migrant from the west country - I moved away last year to Harrow to work at a FE college. Of course like many public services its in extreme crisis mainly down to bad management practices. So what does one do when faced with this crap? - you make a film...Follow the links below for more context.

An 11 minute 20mb .wmv file of the Lecturers Strike at Harrow College, UK

Follow this link to the film : (thanks to SF indymedia for hosting)

LECTURERS AT Harrow College in north London found management had phoned the police to complain that the lecturers were making far too much noise! Management also could not cope with students showing their support for the teaching staff.

Marc Vallée, Harrow NATFHE, personal capacity

There were drums and a sound system booming out Clash songs, staff making a film of the picket line, photography students shooting, art students making banners and placards in support of lecturers and politics students getting a first-hand experience of the nature of class politics.

This all created an up-beat, positive and great mood on a very large picket line with staff and students uniting. We showed management that the teaching staff and students are the ones that truly care about the future of education and not a management that runs the college with out-dated and unworkable business methods. This action has to be the start of an escalating programme of industrial action to make sure the deal is implemented in full.

• Lecturers must stand firm.
• Escalate the action if college management don't back down.
• Bring out all NATFHE members in future action.
• For the pay deal and structure to be implemented in full.

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