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Report : Noise Protest at EDO

Sir Bobby Warslag | 20.04.2005 19:50 | Anti-militarism | Repression | London | South Coast

Around 70 protesters gathered outside EDO MBMs bomb factory in Brighton today. This could be the last legal demo of this kind for a while if an interim injunction is granted in the High Court on Friday.

EDO employees and bomb-lovin', warmongering EDO directors were greeted with an aural barrage from a diverse group of protesters who are sick of the war-profiteering company's presence and their attempts to criminalise our protest.

Aparently a company that makes parts for bombs and missiles is harassed and distressed by the sounds of drums and whistles.

Come and support us in the High Court. There will be a demo outside the court on the Strand from 9:30am Friday morning.

Sir Bobby Warslag