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Sponsored bike ride for Campaign to Close Campsfield - April 30th

(richarddirecttv) | 19.04.2005 10:19 | Migration | Oxford

Sponsored Bike Ride - Oxford to Campsfield House Immigration Detention

Start 11-15am April 30th 2005 Martyrs Memorial Oxford

Arrive 12pm Campsfield House

Please find attached the form in pdf and rtf formats for sponsorship of and participation in the sponsored bike ride which it was agreed would be held at the end of the month on the same day as the monthly Campsfield demo.
The aim is to raise a) money for the Close Campsfield Campaign and the Bicester Refugee Support group and b) the profile of both groups in the run up to the election.

The existence of centres where people are locked away for no crime on our own doorstep is shameful. What goes on inside
the centres is deeply concerning.. An undercover journalist published his findings in January 2004 in the Mirror that were then scrutinised - and upheld. Undercover reporters worked in the vans which transport detainees and in Oakington and produced a documentary shown in March 2005 exposing shocking racism and abuse carried out with our taxes by Global Solutions and Wakenhut. Global Solutions
run Campsfield House - and have been awarded the Bicester Accomodation Centre Contract. We don't want the centres and we don't want private firms making a profit from running the centres.