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another voter! | 17.04.2005 21:57 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Liverpool | London

This website displays anti-war candidates.

This election, vote for an MP who thinks like you do. One who doesn't think they should organise the world using bombs, tanks, depleted uranium, nerve gas, cluster bombs, torture, corporate takeovers, murder and mayhem in other people's countries.

If Tony Blair gets in, he will be the real threat to our security. If Michael Howard gets in he will follow the same path. Please forward this website to others and help persuade the 41% who didn't vote last time, to vote for anti-war candidates. Then the majority of MPs will reflect the majority of British people.

Vote to prevent future US led wars against IRAN, SYRIA, SUDAN, CHINA and anyone else that they just want to 'blow the hell out of'. We've already heard that June 2005 is the planned date for an attack on Iran and that the US list of possible countries to invade now totals 25!

another voter!
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