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rampart | 15.04.2005 16:59 | G8 2005 | Culture | Free Spaces | Indymedia | London

There's loads of stuff happening in London's social centres but for some unknown reason the events annoucements of the rampART seem to have been getting stuck in the moderation queue on the London Social Centres Network mailing list for the last few weeks or so while other stuff has been getting through. If you've subscribed to that list then below is a run down on some of the events coming up that you might not have been aware of. If you'd like to recieve timely announcemnts of events coming up then subscribe to the rampart mailing list ( ...

Sat 16th April : Real2Reel benefit party
Mon 18th April : G8 Climate Counter Summit follow up meeting
Mon 18th April : Clown training
Tue 19th - Fri 22nd : Exhibit of radical polish street art
Sat 23rd April : TRAPESE / Schnews at Ten event
26th - 30th: Indymedia Film Festival
1st May: G8 bike ride benefit bash.

* Sat 16th

This Saturday there's a party as a benefit for the Real2Reel Video
Collective which is putting together vol3 of their action packed video
compilations. This one will contain the Serpica Naro/San Precaro
anti-precarity action in Milano, Desobedientes staged conflict in
Roma, GM actions against Sainsburies, A 'rough-guide' to international
social centres', Subvertising, crap arrests and much more. It will be
available in the summer.

So, come to the rampART on from 8pm this saturday, for a party and
sneek previews of some of the raw footage plus a film making workshop
and screenings of Real2Reel films, such as 'SuperTroupers' and 'Big
Brother' harresment of the Wombles, 'Sky Roma' a rather amusing video
of a demo held outside the Sky Studio in Rome, 'Bayer blockade' direct
action training video, and even a film about the rampART social centre

Suggested donation at the entrance £3. Organic beera and food available.
There will be visuals throughout the night from FreedomX.

On the stage:
Duncan McPherson, solo, followed by a bardic take on the dysfunctional
soap opera called western culture by Corneilius Lookwood. The Lower
Depths will bring the punk into the rampart. Stomp your feet to the
pogo and then dance to DavidCronenberg'sWife. After that, an
electronic live music with Surge. Both technology and emotions are
included in his highly danceble set.

On the turntables:
DJane Sexyrubbersole from the WomensAnarchistNuissanceCafe with her
vibrant dNb vibes, Anarchist electro grrrl pop and punk with DJane
Mondstrom from Germany and last but not least from old skool funk at
its best to new beats with DJ Milo.

- more info about R2R from

* Monday 18th

G8 Climate Counter Summit - Follow up meeting
7 PM, Rampart Street (15 Rampart Street, London E1)

On March 14th over 70 people attended the G8 Climate Counter Summit. With
more than 20 different groups represented, an exciting range of ideas were
put forward for planning diverse actions in Scotland and around the
country on the 8th of July, the International Day of Action on the Root
Causes of Climate Change. Great ideas and a buzz of energy made for an
inspiring evening, and people were keen to continue to work together in
the run-up to the G8. To facilitate this, the next planning meeting was
set for Monday, April 18. To find out more and to make sure this meeting
happens, please sign up to the email

- for more info and to get involved, email

* Tuesday 19th - Friday 22nd (8pm to 11pm)

An exhibition of Polish Street, 8pm to 11pm, with pieces from M-city,
Radical Art Trerror, Pif Paf Street group and much more... Street Art
is a play with the form and space of the city, played on the walls,
posters, billboards, stickers and in the virtual world. The
architecture of the town is in a sense a promotion of groups of people
who work together for society.

This Exhibition is to collect money for Independent Media Workshop
(; especially for computers equipment and office rent.

Entry will be by donations.

- for more info check and

* 22rd Friday, from 8pm to 11pm

SOS Iceland presentation and talk. Vatnajokull is the biggest
non-arctic glacier in the world and it intricate eco-system is in
dangered by the construction of the giant Karahnjukar dam in the
Icelandic Highlands - one of Europe's last surviving wildernesses.This
can be prevented and you can help. Find out how Icelandic nature is
being pimped to the highest bidder and what you can do to stop it.

Question and Answers, Screening and Islandic Music at the rampART

Food and Drink will be available as well.

- for more info about the issue check out

* Saturday 23rd

TRAPESE Roadshow with Schnews at Ten

TRAPESE is on the road to inform and mobilise people to take positive
action around the issues behind the G8 through workshops and events in
social spaces. Having travelled the length and breadth of the country,
TRAPESE comes rolling into London on 23rd April.

What goes on under the TRAPESE big-top? Renewable energies, popular
education, alternative medias and grassroots participation are our

Oil fuelled profit crazy big Corp government, not. So, roll up for the
flight of the TRAPESE, flying through the high ether of climate
change, oil-war, the G8 and civil disobedience, crashing spectacularly
to the ground with a selection of interactive workshops, a pub quiz
and short

Stick around later for the Schnews at Ten party, with bar, DJs, live
music and a possible appearance by the infamous Jazz Terrorists.

* events further in the future... (details to follow)

26th -30th - Indymedia Middle East Film Festival

1st May - G8 Bike Ride fund raising party

* stay informed

Check out the rampart website and subscribe to our mailing list to stay informed about coming events.

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