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Photos needed urgently

g | 11.04.2005 21:00 | Animal Liberation | Free Spaces | Oxford | World

A friend has died recently and we are looking for photos of him from demos to send to his family, so they have some upto date photos of him. he died last month and was 17.

Dear all
our friend jamie draper died recently and we are looking for photos anyone may have, that he might be in.
If anyone has photos of the last big speak demo in oxford or of the cardiff RTS august 2004 could you please send them in, we can pay costs etc.
You cant really miss jamie if he is in pics, he had black hair streaked with pink, at oxford he had a big rucksack and dogs with him
at cardiff he was dressed as a fairy and dancing around pissing off coppers.
we would really really really like any photos you have, crowd pics anything


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  1. Hi — jack
  2. photoes of jamie — dick d
  3. thanks — g