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Report: Festival of Dissent, Glassgow

Afkased | 11.04.2005 15:03

Little progress was made towards organising activities for the july G8.

The best part of a day was lost in putting up a Markek, which fell down 9nearly causing the author a nasty injury).

A small stalinist leaning clique seem to be putting contraints on the organising events and actions. This same clique dominate the so called open session, with an arrogant stream of conciousness, that only seems to satisfy their own egos.

The incident where Edward Campbell was punched at the gate was disgraceful, and a reminder of Bolshevik/Leninist boot boy tactics and games used suppress progressive elements of the bols. party.

The stalinist clique and its tactics needs to be gotten rid of.



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festival was great

11.04.2005 16:15

I too was at the festival and experienced a very different festival from the person who commented above .. In fact it was a wonderful oppurtunity to discuss tactics, share ideas and inspirations and yes learn to put up marquees !!! Fantastic workshops were held including facilitation, consensus ( things we really need to be good at doing and structuring better) , medics on actions, legal issues in scotland, media and rebel clowning.

Over 100 people braved very cold weather and unlike the person above who saw lots of stalinists , i saw none and just a lot of people dedicated to non authoritarian, horizontal politics.....

The state loves to make us loose hope and feel as if we have problems in our ranks, divisions etc.. the comments about stalinists etc is so ridiculous it would make me laugh if only I did not feel angry that people feel ok with sabotaging group dynamics for a living !!!
bad group dynamics have destroyed more social movements and groups than any number of police - and the police will often infiltrate us not to find information but to cause disruption and animosity between us.. !!

not paid by the state to be disruptive


11.04.2005 16:42

was i at a totally different festival of dissent to you? I seem to have missed all the terrible things that you mention. Please do tell us all some more.....

obviously confused


11.04.2005 19:27

The first post is utter rubbish - what on earth is this person on?

i was there

To: Not paid by the state ...

11.04.2005 22:42

You simply don't get it, do you?

You doth protest too strongly about not being paid by the state, which doesn't necessarily mean you are. It implies you are some air head, thinks they know shit, middle class pseudo hippy though. Sorry but it's true. You are without courage.

I am just saying, I see almost everthing thing that's going on: it's so childish, facile, boring, idiotic, a waste of my time, pathetic, and often sickening.

All I do is raise my eyes, or lower them, ocassionally mutter an expletive, or a stupid pun, and it sets you idiots off like middle class sixth formers on vitamins.

When I was as school we used to do that sort of stuff when we were 11 years old, in the first year, yet it had more intelligence, wit, and influence.

Do rememember it was me who was the motivating force to create what was named the Dissent network. You wouldn't have it, if it wasn't for me. I am not proud, conceited or arrogant about it - it hasn't gone to my head. It is just a statement of fact.

Of course Mark is the man that made it happen.

Now, dont fuck me around anymore, or I'll raise more than just an eyebrow, or utter a stupid pun, or crack a pathetic joke. The only thing you can do to me is kill me. And I dont give a fuck about that. You'll find it difficult too, to kill me. So dont mess with me anymore, no matter how good you intentions, because that is the way to hell, for you. Dont you know? You think you are trying to make me a better person. No. You are making yourselves better people, I haven't changed on iota, not a molecule.

Please, leave me to be myself. And fuck off with your bullshit paranoia, bullshit police state, and all the other bullshit.

How many times do you think I have been fooled. You haven't got a clue. You dont know shit. I have led you a dance form beginning to end. Now get on with the job, and get out of my face.

Once: Shame on you
Twice: Shame on me
Thrice: someone dies, as was said sometime ago.

Just remember, I am the method actor hamlet. Understand now. What's the next part?




12.04.2005 13:18

Hehe, Stalinists. I wasn't there, but the original poster is clearly a trol.

Mind you, would have thought some kind of report had been posted up on what happened. I'm sure a lot more people would have gone if it hadn't been so cold.


Lost /foundItems at fest of Dissent

12.04.2005 16:43

Stalinist bollocks. Yeh, and rupert Bear was a Trot!

I lost a black waterproof, containing cap, sunglasses, bandana, and a packet of Rizla. Left in the bar! Possibly it put on some pink wellies, and went for a walk. Could someone hang on to it, if they are found, and leave it with the Dissent gate tent, because I badly need the items.

I have gained an adapter/charger for an IBM think Pad or similar. Whoses is it. Put out an alert. It was found amongst my things in the gate tent.I donot need two!

Love and Kisses to all.



Feedback Comments

13.04.2005 15:04

Apart from a number of comments about the inspiring large group consensus decision making on saturday night, my favourite feedback comment from the feedback session went something along the lines of 'I haven't seen this much postive energy, sense of community and commitment in a moblisation since Seattle' Inspiring stuff!!!

my feet are dry at last

who is the fuckin nutter?

14.04.2005 19:07

That Afkased mad as a bleedin mongoose or what?

Afkased blloommmjingchingblubalub

IBM adapter

15.04.2005 16:51

The IBM adapter is TRAPESE's, could you either get it to them or bring it to the next dissent gathering in Nottingham please



festival of dissent