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Upheaval at East Oxford Community Centre

Paul Spencer | 11.04.2005 13:53 | Culture | Free Spaces | Oxford

An era is ending at the East Oxford Social Club as the Chair and Secretary announce plans to step down after more than twenty years of service.

The Social Club is located in the East Oxford Community Centre and supports the centre by giftng all of its profits to the Centre every year. The Social Club has been dilligently chaired by local resident Alan with his wife Trish as secretary; they have served the Social Club for more than twenty years. At the Annual General Meeting on Sunday afternoon, they annnounced their intention not to stand for the committee this year. At a call from the floor, the couple were warmly applauded for their hard work over the decades.

Owing to complications in the process of the meetng, the election of new office-bearers to the Social Club has been postponed for one month. It is known that there is already more than one nominee for the position of chair and other positions may be contested too. The date of the meeting will be posted in the bar of the Social Club for the benefit of all members. Reports are expected on the newswire when candidates are announced.

The meeting of about 20 people was reminded by Trish and Alan in their respective officers' reports that the Club relies entirely on the support of local members to be viable and to raise the covenants it gives every year to the Community Association. All East Oxford locals are encouraged to make more use of what could be a vibrant Social Club by coming to the events held there and by considering the venue for events of their own.

Paul Spencer
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