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LSF mayday planning meeting

ant | 11.04.2005 13:30 | Culture | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Liverpool

There will be a meeting to plan for the Liverpool Social Forum's Mayday Weekend this Thursday

In order to prepare for what will hopefully be Merseyside's biggest Mayday celebrations, the LSF are holding a meeting in order to finalise plans for their Mayday Weekend events.

It will be on Thursday (14th April) at 7.30pm downstairs in the Casa, Hope Street.

The agenda for the weekend is as follows:

* Friday 29th: Critical Mass bike ride.

* Saturday 30th: Film fest and party in the Casa.

* Sunday 1st: big TUC march then party/picnic in Wallasey Central Park.

Anyone wishing to help out will be very much welcome!
Let's make this Mayday a big one

- e-mail: liverpoolsf (at)
- Homepage: http://www.


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It is about time Liverpool did something brilliant for Mayday

11.04.2005 14:02

This sounds like a brilliant chance to make Mayday an exciting and radical event. Don't anyone moan about Mayday being crap in Liverpool, because we can make it whatever we want it to be.

Critical mass sounds brilliant, have never done one before

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