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queers without borders enter sodexho cruise

transmitter | 02.04.2005 21:27 | Migration | London

Within the framework of the second European Day of Action for Free Movement and the Right to stay, Queers Without Borders did a pirating action against Sodexho on the river Thames in London.

London, April 1st. Queers without borders - london - made an action against Sodhexo. This is the company which runs Harmondsworth detention centre near Heathrow airport.
Sodhexo has built many others and runs contracts for both detention camps and prison facilities throughout the world.

Sodhexo alliance also provide thames river boat cruisers to tourists. One of these cruises was boarded by noborder pirates. The cruise was disrupted, flyers distributed and a huge banner reading 'no deportations' was displayed from the boat.

One of the pirates said: Generally, the tourists on the cruise were sympathetic. One person challenged us to "get a job". To which one pirate answered: I've got two already!

... Later in the day, on the bank of the thames,
the banner was put up and more flyers distributed giving information on border regimes and encouraging people not to support sodhexo business ventures.

In February, Queers without borders participated in a demo at Harmondsworth detention center:

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