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Films @ the Institute of Autonomy

a | 01.04.2005 13:27 | London

The Insitute of Autonomy is a new social centre based in Central London. A group of us within the building are starting regular film nights on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tues 05th April
- Black Box Germany
Documentry on Red Army Faction in Germany.

Weds 06th April
- The Incredibles

Tues 12th April
- Baraka
Exploration of civilization + industrialisation & the destruction they have caused.

Weds 13th April
- Hotel Rwanda

Tues 19th April
- Documentries w/ interviews from David Gilbert (Weather Underground etc.) and Jeff 'Free' Luers. Both prisoners of war in the USA.
- PickAxe
A documentry on NW. USA logging, and the resistance that's taken place.

Weds 20th April
- What to do in Case of Fire
German comedy on radicals leaving a bomb, and it not going off.

Tues 26th April
- New Technologies of Control
Films * Discussion * Action

Weds 27th April
- Tim Burton Film night
- Sleepy Hollow
- James and the Giant Peach
- Shorts...

The building info shop and Cafe Rebelde will be open on all the nights that films are showing.

All films start at 8pm.

'Institute of Autonomy' 76 - 78 Gower Street.

- e-mail: