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Destroy DSEi: REED office targeted in the Netherlands

Onkruit support group | 21.03.2005 19:54 | DSEi 2005 | Anti-militarism | London | World

REED's head office in the Netherlands was decorated with slogans and found it's locks glued last night. A translation of the press-release follows:

--- Onkruit press release ---
Maarssen, March 21st 2005

Following the call for an international action day against DSEi, one of the worlds biggest arms trade fairs, Onkruit has decorated the dutch head office of Reed with slogans and glued their locks last night. DSEi is organised every two year
s by Spearhead, part of Reed International. By organising this fair, where not only conventional weapons but also mines and clusterbombs are traded, Reed profits from mass murder. There is no possible excuse for this and we demand that Reed shuts down all it's affairs in the military sector. Apart from that we make a call to everyone to travel to London from september 13th till 16th to join the protests against DSEi.
Apart from their involvement in DSEi, Reed also organises ITEC, a military fairthat will be held from 26th till 28th of april in Amsterdam. Once again bloodshed is no objection for Reed to make profit. Although no 'real' arms are traded at ITEC, the warsimulation-equipment that this fair focusses on is an essential aspect of war preparation. More actions against ITEC are organised, starting with a manifestation and blockade on the 26th of april at 13.00h in front of hals 9 and 10 of the RAI, Amsterdam. We call for everyone to join in and organise further actions.
No blood for profit! Destroy the arms fairs!
Onkruit is not an actiongroup, but a group of actions. The name can be used freely for any anti-militarist direct action.
The Onkruit support group is a collective that wishes to support Onkruit actions and the antimilitarist struggle in general.

More information on DSEi can be found on:
More information on ITEC can be found on:

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