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samba pics from the anti-war demo today in london

rikki | 19.03.2005 20:23

massed sambaistas in the sun

pink protestors
pink protestors

and the sun shines
and the sun shines

dance dance dance
dance dance dance

mark thomas enjoying some samba sounds
mark thomas enjoying some samba sounds

the crowd love it
the crowd love it

at least three samba bands from around the uk joined forces on the demo today to bring excitement, colour, dance and radical samba to the procession



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20.03.2005 04:52

Golly gee yay, a samba band, how original, that'll bring down the government for sure! I am sure that Bushit and Bliar are shaking in their jackboots at the threat this posed!

the middle finger

wow, such an original comment whoopee

20.03.2005 09:41

look at some samba history - check the website - ask other true activists about the work the band does at every level, and then go spin on your moniker my friend



20.03.2005 11:11

I know lets dress in pink and make shed loads of noise, go on a demo, take loads of pictures of ourselves and post it on all the lefty sites we can to get cred......... oh and I bet it will stop the nasty un pink war.... right.

God, samba bands, ooooeeeeenonoonoononononoonono onooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo



20.03.2005 12:25

The samba on saturday was fantastic, well done you lot. I don't remember a samba band ever claiming that they could bring down the government, what a stupid comment - go and find out what radical samba is really about. Look at the diversity of stuff they do, from no borders actions (, a huge Tsunami benefit ( to sunny fluffy days-out like yesterday.

do summat

What an original idea

20.03.2005 12:42

What an original idea "middle finger" has. I know, let's attack a group of people who turned out to march against the war! Brilliant! They're the real enemy!

What is this self-medicating idiot on?

What's wrong with adding a little colour and a little music to a protest march?

Music on marches is fantastic. It keeps people's spirits up and sets the pace... and its far more creative (not to say pleasant) than people blowing randomly on plastic hunting horns (were the Countryside Alliance there or something?) and whistles sold at a quid each by neo-war profiteers!

Jeez, people! No wonder the right wing always win. They're not busy tearing into each other over the most trivial bullshit.

If a samba group, or a coalition of morris dancers for that matter, organise to join in the march, they should be welcomed and encouraged, not vilified by some arsehole with a chip on his shoulder. If you want to use your middle finger, why not take up the trumpet?



Another empty gesture

20.03.2005 12:44

Another march, another samba band, another claim for huge numbers, another empty gesture that will achieve nothing.


Yeah and the same goes for....

20.03.2005 13:30

...all those people who made their own placards and banners

...and all those people chanting or blowing whistles

...and all those other people who dressed up in costumes

...and those others who were handing out leaflets to the public

...and those people who made speaches

...yeah, and in fact, all those tens of thousands of people who went on the march...

...dunno what they're thinking of myself!

(go away with your silly comments)

don't worry about the trolls :-)

life is outside

20.03.2005 13:57

You can critizise samba. So what?
Samba brings an aspect of life that is far far from the way londoners live.
Is that bad?
It brings a bit of undefined feeling. That´s why the people so closed in the left, or in the right or in the internet articles cannot understand. Don´t try to understand it man!!! It is a form of expression, just live it. Maybe you are scared of loosing a bit of control in your life. But, are we trying to control life?
From my point of view, sambistas and carnaval are not trying to bring down the government through samba.
But somehow shows as well that life is not only pure thinking, but as well emotional.
So, we shouldn´t do it?
Well... if you don´t want, stay only with your meeting.
We´ll have the meeting first or after, but in between we shake the place.

Love and Samba.
Inclusive revolution.
Thank you all. Saturday was really amazing!!!!!!!!!



I don't get it

20.03.2005 14:13

I don't understand why all these people go round marching, playing music and putting up huge posters of Bush dressed as some satantic creature. What's the point? I don't like the US president any more than the next person but he's not going to give two hoots about a few protestors - especially when you don't have any influence over whether he stays in office or not (at least with Blair you can make him think he'll lose support at the next election).

Also, dressing in pink and running round playing instruments is nice but no-one with any real influence is going to take you seriously if you do that. You might be able to change things on a local level through protests still, but when it comes to national or global politics they're just not effective anymore. By all means make your voice heard, it's important that everyone has the opportunity to speak up in a democracy, but bashing away at drums all day will, rightly or wrongly, make very little difference.

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20.03.2005 14:13

"another empty gesture that will achieve nothing"

unlike your post eh Bored? what did you do yesterday apart from wanking and posting pointless posts on the internet?


Learn from samba

20.03.2005 15:14

Yes, all right.
We dress up in pink and silver, our voices are not heard so clearly. But thoughts and voices heard are one important part of life but not all! They are not the only way of expressing!!!!!!!
The samba bands in london have grown more in london in the last 10 years than any political party!!
mmmhhh.... maybe the revolution doesn´t rely only in well thought ideas?
here you are Europe, looking desperately for a bit of irrational life!!!
Is Logic.
for all you heavy thinkers.... learn from samba!!
Both things are important
I can feel your arses shaking already.

Don´t critizise the samba
Be the the samba.
Join in... you can do it!!!!


Cor Blimey Gov!

20.03.2005 15:28

QUOTE: "Also, dressing in pink and running round playing instruments is nice but no-one with any real influence is going to take you seriously if you do that."

hee hee :-) that's so funny! Cos of course we all believe that if enough of us wear pink and bang drums the global revolution will just sort of happen as governemnts and the heads of big business realise the errors of their ways!

QUOTE: "bashing away at drums all day will, rightly or wrongly, make very little difference"

Well I'm sure it won't change US or UK foreign policy (shock horror!!)...

But while some people may not like samba stuff, I marched alongside for about an hour on the demo and the reaction from passers by - workers, shoppers, tourists etc - was fantastic. I noticed how it drew people out of parks, out of shops, to building windows etc Then lots of those people had leaflets handed to them about the demo and various campaigns - and there was also a higher uptake of leaflets alongside the samba than in other parts of the march.

So we're all agreed then...

Samba drumming won't change the world or directly effect governemnt policy. But it makes a LOUD noise, gets things noticed, and for a lot of people provides some FUN (in the sun - luckily this weekend :-)

Thanks samba kids!


Learning from samba

20.03.2005 15:54

"The samba bands in london have grown more in london in the last 10 years than any political party!"

That's probably because the political parties are already at a stable level and therefore are unlikely to grow much further, regardless of how (un)popular they might be.

"here you are Europe, looking desperately for a bit of irrational life"

No, I'm quite happy with my rational, logical, well-thought out existence. I'm not looking to dress up in pink and dance through the streets, though I shan't begrudge anyone who does. :)

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Well the state seems to take the samba bad seriously

20.03.2005 16:45

Despite what Tory Boy the student and the wanky little pro-war trolls have been saying here, it seems that the forces of the state were treating the samba band as a serious subversive threat yesterday! -- see the thread on police surveillance of the band:


samba for spirit, unity, for the people

20.03.2005 17:27

i camped in trafalgar square, i attended the UCL occupation and played with rhythms at the march.i was disappointed at the relatively low turn-outs, at the abuse i received whilst camping, at the people walking away from hyde park, headed for the shops-oblivious to the march, and at the lack of media coverage............BUT, i met many like-minded people, i was educated and informed, i made connections and was inspired.

i didn't think for a minute that the march would be a one-stop solution to the worlds problems, or that it would terrify bush and blair.those weren't my objectives.i took part as i wanted to join together with others already a part of the movement, to share some info, energy and spirit, to provide some much needed support in the face of ignorance, apathy, adversity and criticism from with-out...and within.

i camped and banged drums in order to catch the attention of people who aren't part of the movement.people are so caught up in their existences that sometimes it takes a 'spectacle' to jolt them into much activist press/info is negative("anti this, anti that", despair/corruption etc)is it any wonder that people are reluctant to leave the comfort/ignorance/apathy of their consumer existences.samba is revolutionary-read some can touch your heart and brings people together-motivation, inspiration, shared positive emotions and information.......personally, this sounds like the bedrock of positive change!

i was playing 'for' the people not 'against' the authorities.

love and light.



Wouldn't seem right without sambatistas

20.03.2005 20:44

A samba band in full flow really makes a difference to the atmosphere of the march. Keep up the good work, O Pink Ones - it just wouldn't be as good without you there.


samba bands have become bog standard on every major demo

20.03.2005 21:10

It seems that people are hard pressed to find any other ideas apart from samba bands. Being a (supposedly) free country people have every right to have samba bands if they want to, but surely they are other things they can do as an alternative??? Besides, isn't the whole point of the demostration to express anger at the warmongers in government, rather than just have a poxy carnival?

the middle finger

pixie carnival

20.03.2005 21:46

poxy? i think you mean pixie... there weren't any poxies. Besides, poxies can't play samba.

another pixie


20.03.2005 22:49

Main Entry: poxy1
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: worthless and contemptible; very distasteful
Etymology: from chickenpox, smallpox
Usage: UK slang; poxier, poxiest adj

Source: Webster's New Millennium™ Dictionary of English, Preview Edition (v 0.9.5)
Copyright © 2003, 2004 Lexico Publishing Group, LLC

the middle finger

Re the samba band

20.03.2005 23:50

Member of an old left political party.

Heard the criticisms of the samba band. Leave them be. Not my thing but loads of people are into them. Noise and energy adds to any demo. Keep on playing.

old fart

middle finger, inform yourself

21.03.2005 00:30

Inform yourself, middle finger.
There are many other activists apart from the samba band, demonstrating in different and more creative ways, from massive street parties, to a clown army, the vacuum cleaner, the laboratory of insurrectional imagination, etc,
You can take part in those groups.
But I doubt you participate in anything.
I´m sorry for you man.
You sound like a rich guy quite frustrated with everything.
Help yourself, start some community work.


2 coppers != surveillance

21.03.2005 09:13

"we all believe that if enough of us wear pink and bang drums the global revolution will just sort of happen"

Good luck with that (although apparently I'm one of the first against the wall when the revolution comes so perhaps I shouldn't be wishing you luck ;).

"But while some people may not like samba stuff"

For the record, I never said I disliked samba, merely that I don't see it as an effective way of changing things in government. I'm sure it's a lovely way to spend the day, if not one which I personally would choose as a method of recreation.

"Tory Boy the student"

I take it that was aimed at me? :) Why do you use the 'T' word as if it's a *bad* thing? ;)

"the forces of the state were treating the samba band as a serious subversive threat yesterday"

I don't think you can really count a couple of police officers observing a protest to mean that Blair & Co treat the samba band as a serious threat. Whenever you have a large gathering of people where trouble could potentially start (not saying that the samba band would, I'm sure they're all peace loving pacifists) you're going to have police there making sure that everyone stays safe and things don't get out of control. You don't need to get paranoid over a couple of police officers (hell, you should be rejoicing - in the town where I come from seeing a bobby on the beat in a rare event!).

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Make some decent analysis please

21.03.2005 09:18

Why not make some decent analysis of the march instead of these idiotic pro samba and anti samba comments? yes a lot of people came out and the samba musicians were nice for the march but some questions need to be asked: i.e. why did we march in a big circle around the US embassy leaving flowers behind? a confrontation with the police here would have been more useful. what has happened to the militancy of the anti criminal justice bill marches of 1994 and the reclaim the streets demos of 95? damage was done to roads and property and this made the state take notice. i took photos of police on saturday standing around smiling and eating ice cream. how useful is this to the people of Iraq, Iran and Palestine?


pauls blog

21.03.2005 10:28

Paul your blog is hilarious

Unfortunately I know have a few songs annoyingly stuck in my head, although I rediscovered Summer of ‘69 by Bryan Adams which is a classic, especially good for balls/proms.

bryan Adams now we know your a twat with no musical sence, so fuck off you sound imbecile

also from your blog
My real name is Paul, although most people know me by my nicknames, either Dinger or Tory Paul. Some time ago, I finished studying maths, computing, economics, law and general studies (plus an AS in further maths) at Holy Cross College in Manchester, England. If you're wondering, I got 4 A's, a B in general studies (despite failing one of the modules) and a D in further maths.

should put up some photos of yourself there then we can have a really good laugh



21.03.2005 11:51

Ah, the usual "I can't think of anything sensible to reply with so I'll resort to insulting the author instead" line. I expected nothing less.

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I'd rather hang out with a sambaista than a cynic

21.03.2005 12:12

The Samba band was fantastic - really livened everything up.

If you don't see the point of protesting through making music and having fun then I feel very sorry for you.


They would take notice allright

21.03.2005 15:40

"why did we march in a big circle around the US embassy leaving flowers behind? a confrontation with the police here would have been more useful."

Yeah right, give the government even more reason to clamp down on civil liberties why don't you? All violence does is fuel the flames of the gutter press, and put anyone except the hardcore anarchists off taking action against the war. Attacking people will just get you villifed, because at the end of the day people don't want to get rid of the government, they just don't want a government that goes to fight an immoral war justified on lies.

For world peace.

the middle finger

In additon

21.03.2005 16:00

What do you expect to achieve by confronting the police? In the aftermath there is a high chance of you spending a lot of time at Her Majesty's plesure, after a period in hospital as a result of your confrontation. Meanwhile, the policemen involved are back on duty, and the war machine carries on. Sure, there is "prisoner solidarity", but only your fellow militants would care about you, everyone else would think you are violent thugs and deserve your fate.

Don't really see the point of all this IMO.

the middle finger

my god...

21.03.2005 16:11

My god, the world is mad. This is getting pretty silly. Yes there are other ways to do things but a protest is accessible, open to the public, is a good opportunity to hand out flyers to random people not involved with the demo. It is also an excellent way to network if you are into more radical actions. As for the samba band, have you even been on a march without a samba band? it is a pretty miserable affair. The music of the samba is uplifting, magical and lovely. I definately agree with what was said about how instead of back biting and bitching we should be discussing how to improve, to make it bigger, more noticable: for one I thoguht that there could have been a lot more awareness before the demo. not many people knew it was happening.
love and peace
pink X


Hoo Boy

21.03.2005 16:43

Of course it's easy to dismiss anything that anyone does - to say - "well thats not going to change anything" - especially when the commenteer doesn't back it up with a valid suggestion of HOW the situation can be changed.

Perhaps our "roguetory" has such a valid suggestion? No?

The Samba band was kicking on Saturday, and it generated a fair bit of energy and enthusiasm on what would have otherwise been a staid A-B march, with speeches by politicians and other "big wigs" at the end - although at least the Guantamo guys were invited to speak this time.....

I had the p[leasure of sitting on the steps of Nelson's Column on Friday evening, chowing down on Humous and bread whilst hearing Lindsay German describe the STWC as the greatest mass mevement in the history of the British people ...... to the 70 people and a dog who were standing around at the time. Then I went round to the other side of the base and there was the ECF playing music and film and actually drawing people in.

We need creativity, energy and enthusiasm - and groups that put their energy into making stuff happen - and people to do that stuff.

We don't actually need an army of armchair critics who are devoid of inspiration or any kind of plan B!!!!

Till the masses are ready to harness their collective power and start dismantling the military bases and arms dealers and manuifactureres we'll have to settle for what we've got and keep plugging away at our own paces ........

Till "roguetory" and "middlefinger" and their ilk start coming up with viable ways of ending oppression and injustice they're part of the problem - not the solution.


paul, your revolution is in your burger king

21.03.2005 16:46

I just have had a look on your website.
I think you spend too much time being initiated in cocktails and playing the interest guy, studying Mac operative sistem X, and talking to the dj about your favorite songs. Everything sounds quite easy and virtual in your life. And as you said, very well thought world. I wonder if you lack a bit of all your commodities and you have to find support without so many facilities, where the world is not "so well thought", and the music does not come from trendy heaven djs, with lots of money behind them, but is you making the sound, and you having the urge to reclaim music, and to reclaim the streets, and to protest for thing that are really affecting you, etc, etc. Probably then you´ll spend less time seeing if the way people demonstrates, matches in your clean world, and if it will reach people "of real influence". We are the people as well, don´t we? And I don´t think anyone should be above me or you.
I think we stand from different points of view regarding life and the world.
But anyway, I think we have quite seduced you, didn´t we?
So, if we did reach you.... so we did many others as well.
I think samba is quite effective at the end of the day.

love and reachness


Part of the problem? :)

21.03.2005 18:32

"Till "roguetory" and "middlefinger" and their ilk start coming up with viable ways of ending oppression and injustice"

If you want to end such things (and, hard as you may find it to believe, I do as well - I just don't agree with the way you propose to do it :), the best way in my opinion is to get to a position where you can actually do something about it. Protest marches and shouting from the sidelines will get you some attention from the media, especially if you do something unusual (like dressing up in pink and marching through London) but it's unlikely to get noticed by the people who matter. If you want to change things, you have to either have the ear of the people who make these decisions, or, better still, be one of those people. Stand for MP in your constituency (or support someone who shares your believes who is standing) or for a councillor position in the local elections, or whatever the closest representations of these are if you don't live in the UK. That will not only gain you the respect of the people who have the power to make a difference, but if you can get enough support for your cause then you will actually be in a position to *do* something rather than talk about how life would be better if there was no oppression, injustice etc.

"paul, your revolution is in your burger king"

Ugh, please, don't associate that awful excuse for food with my name. ;)

"II just have had a look on your website."

I hoped you enjoyed it. ;)

"Everything sounds quite easy and virtual in your life."

Yes, it does. I like it that way, just as you like your Samba dancing. I don't see anything wrong with living an easy and virtual life.

"I wonder if you lack a bit of all your commodities and you have to find support without so many facilities, where the world is not "so well thought", and the music does not come from trendy heaven djs"

I probably wouldn't enjoy it as much, at least not initially, I'll grant you that. I'm sure I'd adapt eventually though.

"We are the people as well, don´t we? And I don´t think anyone should be above me or you."

Yes, we are the people as well, which is why I said I don't begrudge you for protesting - I merely questioned why when it doesn't seem to have much effect. People shouldn't be above/below one another in terms of being a human being (if you get what I mean), but there will always be a hierachy from those who lead and make the decisions to those who don't care and are quite happy to have other people make the majority of the decisions for them.

"I think we stand from different points of view regarding life and the world."

We certainly do, however that's not a bad thing - people always have and always will have different opinions on things. Life would be exceptionally boring if we all agreed on everything.

"But anyway, I think we have quite seduced you, didn´t we?"

If by seduced you mean I'm ready to don a pink suit and go out playing music on the streets, you're a little bit off the mark - I've not got quite that far yet. :) I admit I understand your cause (if one can put it like that) better than I did before though.

- Homepage:

Samba causes longest debate on indymedia

21.03.2005 21:14

Regardless of all your opinions you are all still prepared to take the time to share them with everyone.

Without the Samba band... no coverage of the Samba band.

Without the coverage you would all have had nothing to talk about...critics and supporters alike.

It doesnt matter whether you are slagging or supporting, at least you are all making the effort to communicate, and probably wouldnt... but for the Sambatistas!


shameless pink plug

21.03.2005 22:05

longest debate on indymedia?

well that's gotta mean a shameless plug:

release your inner pink and find out how to get involved:-


or just do it yourself:


sambista's reply

21.03.2005 22:45

This thread of comments is fantastic..!! It started with people coming from very different sides, and, after some name throwing and a bit of thought, has come to a more level platform of realising what the other is saying.. That is, it's moved from 'knee-jerk' to 'listening'.. If the demo on Sat achieved nothing else, I'm still happy I took part.!

All of us in our samba bands are in it for many various reasons, some more obvious to us and others, and some not so obvious, even to ourselves. Speaking for myself (I'm the silly on in pink at the front, with the whistle, waving my hands around), I feel that the band is only one part of so many things going on, so many groups of people with their ideas and feelings. On events such as these demos it totally gladdens me that there is SO much creativity going on. So what if it doesn't change anything (although it certainly does, it changes the people who take part, and many of those who experience it for the first time, and far more besides). I love watching people from every age, and background etc.. together or in their own groups, doing what they're moved to do. This is what makes these events powerful.

Personally, I like samba. It's my form of expression for these events and others, at many levels. Samba itself is such a totally inclusive activity in which someone can hold an instrument for the first time, and be part of a musical energetic experience the next. It certainly doesn't take musicianship.

If you read our website, it has brief histories of drumming, music, dance, costume and carnival as tools used by people throughout the world.

Yes, it is just another march, and another samba band (Saturday's was made up of 5 samba bands).. In context, the Poll Tax riots had drummers present... the massive movements of people against the Criminal Justice Bill were fuelled by music, mostly from sound systems - this evolved during J18, into a more mobile form which early samba bands took up. In 5 or 10 years it may well be something different altogether...

Rather than mock these evolutions, start your own.!! I don't know what's next.. maybe you do.. what do you want to see / happen / do..? Be brave and do it, and you never know, someone else might also want to do it too. I, personally, was moved by experiencing samba at the J18 demo all those years ago, and promised myself I'd involve myself with that.

These emotive issues are really divisive.. The old 'divide and rule' tactics of authorities will always be used... let's not employ them ourselves...

no gods, no masters

in peace



Nice one :)

22.03.2005 00:01

hey you summed it up well topiman, couldn't agree more
and for me, samba gave me the confidence to do other tactically frivolous actions, I personally have nothing bad to say about it :) I can't see any reason why expressing our feelings, our voices and our unity through our music is a bad thing!



and uplifting music...

another one of those funny people in pink with a whistle (and silver trousers)

sheffield sambawoman

Worship the pixie!

22.03.2005 15:19

The pixie is right and will destroy your negativity with it's rythmic samista powers. Middle finger bow down you are a fool, you must worship the pixie!

mail e-mail:

Piss off

22.03.2005 19:26

I bow down to no-one.

the middle finger

samba good, but could be better

23.03.2005 07:12

ok, yes! samba is good, inclusive, fun to be in and to dance along too.

it has a history, yes, the slaves yes, and that is REALLY important. but it is a matter of the future i think people are really talking about here.

if people critisice "the samba band" it must be because they haven't seen them actively resisting the system. perhaps they weren't there.

memory speaks, and no borders happened a long time ago. it was a peak. but don't use the noborders international band to defend a point made here, which is serious, and genuine, particularly people that were not there, pleeeease dont mention strasbourg. it is to claim what is not yours. it is like comparing greenpeace when they started with the corporate shite that they are today.

things move on, up, or down, depending on what you think is necessary to bring about change, enpower people, piss the authorities off and show -feel in your body- solidarity with struggles around the world.

the samba band at the no borders camp was a really different one to the one of today. what we see lately is a music and dance band, another parading band. the old one, made up of internationals was one up for music, fun, and a lot more. active resistance in the streets. it paid attention to tactics, and thought along the lines of subversion. despite criticisms allong the same lines of the ones above, that "band" challenged the system. dared to dream and dared to feel they could make a real difference. they had brains, rythms and resistance. they cried with anger, of impotence at the abuse from the powers that be, they cursed injustice because they felt it in the skin AND they WERE a threat, any of us can be, at any point. and they won the respect of the police and activists in the frontline, not least because there was a front line. there isn't one now and it cannot be up for "the samba band" to be IT and produce IT.

nowadays there is no point neither it seems, of the FIT following the samba band other than to give the band a sense that it is a threat. which might be enough for some to feel subversive, and the excuse need to pack it all up and go home feeling satisfied, but little more.

people wonder, will you become just an animation band ? a glitter thing , a tamed rythms of resistace, a thing of the past. with or without police surveilance ?! ( this at least shows us how little the cops know of what is going on. why bother follow the samba band... other than to follow them to the bars and clubs where they perform for good causes . . . )

ah, and then there is the upcoming G8 summit... we will have to wait and see, but it is coming so fast you might not have time to react... whether you make a little more Rythms Of Resistance history or keep refering to the past, tapping your egos on the back on the way out . . .

as to those that moan, get on with it... think and realise the alternatives.

i don't believe the last page in the history of ROR has been turned. power to passion and imagination.

thanks for being there samba band,

cu in the streets.


and rage.


wrong no borders

23.03.2005 09:24

Good considered argument discobolo, even if I disagree. The main problem with it is no one on this thread was comparing last sat's samba to strasboug samba. Follow the no border link by 'do summat': it refers to an action done here in our fair city. It was NOT an attempt to justify samba with a bit of history since it is an example of things that samba have done recently. Just because samba aint breaking police lines on a sunny day in whitehall, doesnt mean they've just given up on the idea ;) ...and the police aren't that dumb really (well maybe?) because we've broke away from a demo before (Bush anyone?) and will probably again. At ESF we were playing inside Niketown, Oxford Street... we've more surprises yet.

dum de dum

Issues not egos...

10.06.2007 01:44

Its been some time since I needed to see what was being said here today, but I missed the demo, which I hasten to add is unusual, but I was hoping for a bit of analysis from the formerly informative Indymedia, but what do we get stupid shit...

Numbers anyone, speaches, who was there, any decent happenings, or are other things just far too important like ego grooming and point scoring? You'd think there wasn't a fuckin War on, several in fact and do you know what, I too dislike Samba bands not because I don't like Samba, its great and it has its place on demo's and has a fine and noble history, but mainly because it holds up the whole possesion and make huge gaps so if there was a ruckuss or riot going on nobody would know because there behind the bloody samba band, inventive press photographers and camermen take the opportunity to show the bedraggled crowds (who have fought their way past the band) and comment on the lack of support for the event, and then there's the flip side, "A carnival atmosphere was had by all!" – the media say, forgetting to mention the tens of thousands of others on the demo who might just have something a little more original to say other than "Hey dude check out my new cow bell!"

– Please people have a little respect people are dying, and now even I have resorted to talking about the soddin' samba and not the IDF daily incursions, or the funds freeze, or the 40 years of occupation since the '67 war, which now in retrospect BBC Radio 4 has actually given some of the facts in a reasonable recent documentary – Israel started the war, who knew?

Lets arm ourslves with ideas and facts, to convince people and to show them we can change the world and if its to Samba music so be it... but if it's just about being in the band or playing your licks – then you'd be in the wrong place.

Lets "KEEP IT TIGHT" musically we can soar, but let us talk about the issues not the egos... Its as if the first comment on this page was just made to mislead.