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Derby G8 M17 Police

Watching them watching us... | 17.03.2005 18:50 | G8 2005 | Repression | Sheffield

There were police photograpers from all over the country at the Derby G8 protest.

Man from the Met
Man from the Met

Smile for the camera
Smile for the camera

Yellow Caps
Yellow Caps

Police photographers
Police photographers

Got my grumpy eye on you
Got my grumpy eye on you

Safety in numbers
Safety in numbers

Tourists welcome in Derby
Tourists welcome in Derby

We know who you are
We know who you are

Liverpool Police in their robocop body armour win the prize for the most over the top costumes (they were also camera shy so no snaps of them) and the London Met take the prize for trying hardest to intimidate the protestors.

According to the local rag there were "A thousand officers from 23 forces" and "policing the event was expected to cost between £1m and £2m", since there were perhaps 100 protestors it cost around £20,000 per protestor... bonkers.

Watching them watching us...


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Police Filming Everyone + Everything

17.03.2005 19:56

I have to say I was shocked at the number of police cameramen clicking away and filming all day. Also those yellow vans from Merseyside full of robocop style suited riot police were also 'Camera Surveillance Vans' with cameras mounted on their roofs. There were also a few similar surveillance vans from staffordshire force as well.

forward harassment team more like!

20,000 quid please

17.03.2005 20:30

Seems it would make more sense to simple give us all a few grand to stay away.
I'd have stayed away for less than half of what it cost to police me.


FIT as F***

17.03.2005 22:49

Basically, they are looking for who is who and who is talking to who so they have the intelligence in place for whom they should be focusing on in the run up to the 'Big One' in July. (see

And yes, a copper did one admit to me that they also do it for plain old harassment - and that you are more likely to behave if you think you will be caught on camera.

But, what they are really crap at is stopping nighttime actions...



17.03.2005 23:28

"Police have been granted powers to prevent trespassers from entering an exclusion zone surrounding the venue and will deploy specialist "spotters" to identify known trouble-makers.",,2-1529490,00.html

So that is what was happening...


A Fine St. Patrick's Day

18.03.2005 08:42

It was a great idea to limit the number of protesters at the Derby anti-g8 action to 100, to highlight the ludicrously massive expensive police operation (2000+ coppers), and the states irrational fear of creative peaceful street protest. The result is that more locals are interested in the illegitimate G8 and some of them will now go to Gleneagles in July. It was a good + day.

Here’s the report in today’s Guardian:,,1440522,00.html

Thanks to special branch, MI5, Charlie Clarke and all the chief constables for that - so much intelligence, such little sense. Keep wasting the tax payers money, and helping us out at the same time. And let us know when you are planning a riot so we can film you.

The most memorable moment of the day, for me - ahead the half a Guinness in the Court House - was the pie I received in the mush from the little shkin in the black tracksuit. Had he been sparing with Mike Tyson - pity Mike Tyson if he had. That little chap is highly dangerous; how about reaching some consensus on he being press spokesperson for DISSENT. - get him on Newsnight and Question Time.

It would be good to have a DISSENT event in Cov. building for the G8.



18.03.2005 09:43

>robocop body armour win the prize for the most over the top costumes (they were also camera shy so no snaps of them)

Surely all the more reason to take some snaps? Protesters are often camera shy but it never stops the cops taking pics.


That Robocop armour

20.03.2005 22:46

I did get a couple of shots of this season's new armour but it's going to be a little while til i get my photos sorted out. Will post them if there's any interest


a few more thoughts

21.03.2005 00:08

I put up a few comments here

(if that works!)