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Abuse of police powers in Derby

L | 17.03.2005 18:09 | G8 2005 | Repression

Police in Derby this afternoon made around a dozen arrests during a critical mass bike ride in the city center. The arrests were made using section 14 of the public order act which is supposed to be used in relation to public assembles and allows police to limit numbers and restrict the location and duration of an assemble. Further more, offences under sections 14 are minor offences only punishable by a fine and not an “arrestable offence” under Section 24 of PACE. The police are increasingly abusing their powers in relation to section 12 and 14 of the public order act and charges are frequently dropped and many people have successfully sued the police for compensation in relation to unlawful detention.

Useful information about your rights, abuse of the law by police and the possiblity of sueing the police can be found on

From the BBC...
Protestors arrested at G8 summit

Twelve environmental protestors have been arrested for public order offences on the first day of a G8 summit meeting in Derbyshire.

About 100 demonstrators gathered in Derby city centre to raise awareness of Africa's need for water.

Calle Lister from Friends of the Earth said police overreacted to what was intended as a peaceful protest.

Government ministers from around the world are meeting for an environment summit at nearby Breadsall Priory.

'Water not oil'

Dozens of protestors staged a "go-slow" bike ride through the city streets and some were arrested for ignoring orders against public protests.

A meeting later in the city's Market Square passed off peacefully.

Campaigners sent an oil barrel containing hundreds of water bottles to the G8 summit to raise awareness of drought conditions in some parts of Africa.

"People in Africa need clean water, not oil," Ms Lister said.

Derbyshire Police said the summit is the biggest operation the force has had to deal with since the miners' strike.

The force successfully requested powers from the Home Office to ensure protestors have to meet at an agreed central meeting place.



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