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Breaking news from Derby G8 protest today

On-the-scene-special | 17.03.2005 11:44 | G8 2005

G8 Environment Ministers Meeting - Protest, Derby 17th March 2005

At Derby train station this morning there is a very heavy police presence with at least 6 yellow CCTV police vans from Merseyside. Many police from different forces are here, some in riot gear. Police surveillance units have been filming people getting off trains and approaching them to tell them about the Section 14 order. In and around the centre of Derby almost every major road junction has a police presence. A van with police dogs is circling the main square and in the market square, where the protest this afternoon is permitted, the main centre of the square has been ring-fenced with crowd control barriers. People are starting to gather – one banner reads “Why do you hate buses, Mr CO2 Blair?”



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