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Terror quiz for men stopped in city

zArk | 16.03.2005 17:24 | Repression | Social Struggles | Terror War

The M.E.N. was in court when their names were read out but was required under the terms of the act to leave the court while the proceedings were held in secret.

THREE men were arrested on suspicion of terrorism after police on patrol in Manchester stopped a car they believed had been stolen.

Uniformed officers arrested the trio, aged 19, 21 and 27, in the city centre on Sunday afternoon.

When they searched the car, items were discovered which led to them being arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000.

Police are not revealing exactly what was found but have confirmed the items were not explosives.

The men were still being quizzed by officers last night.

The car the suspects were using turned out not to be stolen.

The three UK residents appeared before a District Judge in Manchester yesterday afternoon. An application was granted for the suspects to be held for a further 72 hours.


The M.E.N. was in court when their names were read out but was required under the terms of the act to leave the court while the proceedings were held in secret.

The application to extend their time in custody, lasting just under an hour, was made by Crown lawyers on behalf of Greater Manchester Police. A senior officer from GMP was in court.

A statement from Greater Manchester Police said: "At around 1400hrs on Sunday 13 March, uniformed officers on routine patrol in Manchester city centre spoke to three men aged 19, 21 and 27 regarding a car they were using. It was believed that the vehicle was stolen and therefore the men were arrested on suspicion of taking a motor vehicle.

"The vehicle was then searched and several articles were found in the car which raised concerns with the officers. The three men were then arrested under the Terrorism Act.

The investigation is ongoing but GMP can confirm that no explosive devices were found in connection with this incident.

"The officers' actions were part of an overall strategy of vigilance in relation to the possibility of terrorism and were part of GMP's commitment to keeping Greater Manchester safe."

secret courts... under the terrorism act....

is anyone else screaming this around their town?



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Terror quiz trio released

17.03.2005 22:23

THREE men held under anti terrorism laws after being stopped in Manchester city centre have been released without charge.

The men, aged 19, 21 and 27, were detained for three days while police questioned them and searched their homes. They were stopped in a car in Travis Street at 2pm on Sunday.

Officers became suspicious and arrested the men under the Terrorism Act.

But yesterday afternoon the men, who all live outside the Greater Manchester area, were released without charge.


Isn't that what happens to most people arrested under the terrorism act? Who turn out to have nothing to do with terrorism but are just an inconvenient nuisance to the warmongers and arms dealers or other vested interests? e.g.


dipping in the toes

18.03.2005 20:23

reckon these arrests are just 'testing the water'

blair wrote about this saying he wants them, also

one day arrest/court/decision
courts without jury

the frightening part is 'secret courts'

are we living in communist russia? nazi germany? a fascist state?

obviously at the moment the cops will have egg on their face, in the eyes of the public but its legal to do so.... a further step from 'stop and search' (CJA)

here is another case ..