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Save Deptford Park! | 15.03.2005 14:18 | London

Residents have vowed resistance against Lewisham Council's permission to construct a residential complex within the north end of Deptford Park.

Jasmine says: "Hands off my park!"
Jasmine says: "Hands off my park!"

Deptford Park Residents Association want to stop the plans and have launched a website ( to inform the locals and to set up an online petition against the plans. More than 2100 people have signed the petition so far. Deptford Park Residents Association, who runs the petition on their website, hopes to stop the plans and secure the green space with support of concerned neighbours. "The Borough of Lewisham already has the least Green and Open space in London. (...)This development is going to necessitate the demolition of the sole surviving historic building in the park", so the association on their website. The development, if realised, would include a partly 4-storey housing complex, a private car park with at least 20 parking spaces and an access road through the park from Scawen Road, opposite Hicks Street.

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