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the build up to syria begins

feckul | 25.02.2005 12:43

check out this link

first the lebanese prime minister is assasinated and the US points the finger at syria, then this news story appears on Iraqi television

the seeds are being planted, the fruits of their labour will fall from the trees and devastate more lives than they care to think about. i give them about a year before they launch another shock and awe-ful



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25.02.2005 16:16

It werent just America who pointed the finger at Syria so did just about everybody else in the region !!!!!! You gave a link to a story but Id suggest you read it all the way through


No tears for Hariri

26.02.2005 15:38

The assination of the Lebanese ex-prime minister and neo-liberal icon, al-Hariri, has been greeted with a mixture of feelings from the Lebanese independent left / anarchist / anti war movement.

For an enlightening view from a Lebanese comrade check out:

"My grief and outrage is for those who died on Thursday May 27th, 2004 in Hay El Seloum. My grief and apologies is for those who are still jailed, beaten and unheard of just for demanding food... to the thousands in jails in Lebanon and Syria for voicing their dissent. My solidarity is with you and no-one else, my apologies in the name of these thousands marching today... sorry they did not march on May 28th, or 29th, or 30th....or ever for you!
Sorry they did not march till the Exploiter got terminated by a bigger fish! "


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