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Third Manchester People's Assembly

Anarkix | 25.02.2005 12:06 | Education | Free Spaces

Workshops to encourage inter-group cooperation followed by a Campaign Fair where the public can find out about your campaign and sign up to help. Open microphone spots to publicise your work then feedback and calls for action - all on Sat 16 April at Friends Meeting House, Mount St, MCR

Sign up by email to bring a stall on the 16 April. Meet other activists and locals. Open to anyone from anywhere, but we expect mainly groups from the north of England, Scotland and Wales.
The idea is to promote cooperation and mutual support between campaigning groups and to let the public find out what's going and what's at stake both locally and worldwide. We are expecting to focus mainly on peace/environment/anti-racism/freedom to protest/ID cards/anti-racism/asylum seekers/anti-G8 and so on. Bring banners, posters, books, stickers, films etc.

Food and room - donations welcome.

Social in the evening.

Start 10 am (workshops)
12 - lunch
1-3 Fair (stalls)
3.30-4.30 Calls for action.

- e-mail:


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good luck

25.02.2005 12:49

but im 21 on the 15th and will probbably need 3 days to recover


Re: adam

25.02.2005 17:32

Come on dude, you're a young man you can handle it. Save some pills for the morning after to keep you awake ;-)



25.02.2005 23:08

Yeah, that'll be a constructive use of his time, a people's assembly on pills. Sheeesh.