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Majid Tajdar must stay!

Robin Thornber | 19.02.2005 18:23 | Repression

Iranian refugee threatened with deportation

‘Majid Tajdan Must Stay!’ Campaign Launch
7.30, Tues, 22nd February
Council Chamber, New Mills Town Hall, Spring Bank, New Mills

Majid is an Iranian asylum seeker living in New Mills with his partner Jane and 3 year old son. After being brutally tortured and left for dead by the Iranian secret police he fled to Britain 5 years ago. The Home Office now want to send Majid back to Iran where he faces certain death. Come to hear Majid’s story.


Robin Thornber
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Good luck with your campaign

19.02.2005 21:00

Now he's here he might as well stay. Did he flee directly from Iran to Britain or did he pass through other countries on the way where he wouldn't have faced certain death?