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Evangelical christian kills and skins mother

vla | 19.02.2005 13:18

Ed Gein (original Texas Chainsaw killer) in a Netherlands version. Christian leaders silent.

An evangelical Christian in Vlaardingen, near Rotterdam, killed his 76-year old mother, skinned her, and then went out onto the streets during carnival wearing her skin. Dressed in the skin, he started directing traffic, loudly quoting from the Book of Revelations.

Police arrested him because they thought he was drunk. They mistook the skin for a carnival costume, and took him to the police station. Because he kept insisting he had killed his mother, they went to the house, and indeed found a skinned corpse.

The man attends the Living Waters Ministries, evangelicals who have a church in Vlaardingen, but several evangelical groups use this name.

There is some discussion about the murder on weblogs in the Netherlands, comparing to the killing of Theo van Gogh last year. Muslims in general were blamed for that killing, it is a common theme that Islam is a 'barbaric religion'. The question is now, if evangelicals should also be regarded as potentially violent. Although right-wing politicians insisted that Muslim clergy apologise for the van Gogh killing, no such request has been made of the Christian clergy.

Check out the original murder and flaying by Ed Gein, which inspired Texas Chainsaw and Silence of the Lambs.

Incidentally, Gein is a Dutch name, and Ed Gein had a rigid Christian upbringing.



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Like the logic

19.02.2005 21:04

loony kills and skins Mum
loony is a christian
therefore christians are loonies

will someone point out the flaw in this syllogism?


missed point?

21.02.2005 13:04

Sceptic I think that's the point, it isn't fair to ask all Christians to dissociate themselves from Gein, so why is it okay to ask all Muslims to dissociate themselves from Al-Quaeda?


mssing the motives

21.02.2005 19:42

If you think the situations are comparable, then you have lost sight of logic.

The attack on van Gogh was a politically motivated attack, not an attack by someone who was obviously certifiable. The fact that Ed Gein was a Christian was utterly irrelevant. Van Gogh was targetted specifically for his political beliefs. That's why the comparison is completely meaningless.