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E-mail action: Tell Blair - No Detention without Trial!

nowar | 18.02.2005 14:05 | Anti-racism | Repression | London

Please write to Tony Blair to demand "No Detention without Trial"

Tony Blair and his Home Secretary, Charles Clarke, are still trying to press ahead with plans to keep terror "suspects" under house arrest. This could include anyone, whether foreign national or UK citizen.

True justice works like this: If there is real evidence against people, then let them be brought to trial based on the evidence against them. Let the court decide whether they should be prosecuted. If there is no evidence then let them be free, without imprisonment or "house arrest".

Blair wants to introduce imprisonment and house arrest without trial. This is not justice.


Tony Blair still doesn't have an e-mail address, despite promising many times that he would have one. However, you can contact him via Cherie Blair on either of the following e-mail addresses:


For more info, see this BBC news article:

Blair begins house arrest talks



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