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Yesmen in London Cinemas!

jablon | 17.02.2005 09:40 | Education | London

The Yesmen movie is coming to UK Cinemas starting this Saturday 18th February:
In London, it is shown in UGC Haymarket, Barbican Odeon, Camden Town, Coronet Notting Hill and Ritzy Brixton.

yesmen movie poster
yesmen movie poster

This educational and very funny movie shows how the Yesmen reveal the true motives of institutions like the world bank or corporations like McDonalds in what they call "identity correction".

The real life stars of this docu-drama, Andy and Mike, were present at a preview in the Ritzy (Brixton). Due to shortage of time, the q and a session about yesmen tactics and motivations took place before the screening.

Andy and Mike were very concerned about a deteriorisation of language, whereby "Privatisation of water" (i.e. restricting access to water like Biwater does in Ghana) becomes "private public partnership".

The movie as well as the actions have good prank value, but the Yesmen rely strongly on collaboration with "serious" organisations like the world development movement ( You can download the trailers of the movie on the wdm website: or browse the Yesmen stories on the website:

or check out their book:

- Homepage:


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Thats Nice.

18.02.2005 03:29

yesmen in london cinemas!
yesmen in london cinemas!

Nice an Easy, Nice an Sleazy, Nice.

Billy Bathgate
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