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Inform on US President Bush about the secret genocide of Europe 2005

Paul Kenis | 14.02.2005 11:05 | Repression

The secret genocide of Europe & Belgians politicians & concerned members of Justice !.

Paul Kenis Lommel – Belgium – Europe 14/02/2005

Attn : Briefing for the high government or the President from United States , Bush & Condoleeza Rice regarding the meeting into Brussels on 21& 22 February 2005 .
Reference : NGFGGVG3WROR8V98.
Attn : International Criminal Court ,The Hague . Our Ref: OTP-CR-190/03
Subject :The Secret Génocide into the Centre of Europe –Belgium .

To Whom It May Concern and special here to President Bush & Condoleeza about yours visits on Europe next week want I Paul Kenis out Belgium back to remember yours on my last briefing from 02/01//2005 about The secret genocide from European’s policy or politicians !.

For you President Bush and more concerned members of policy are this not unexpected news up till now about The secret genocide from Belgium-Europe so like I Paul yours have informed into the past but the time go further and You must get into Brussels on 21 February next week visit one of the greatest political serial-killer , violate or assault from children from Belgium –Europe , The Monarch or King Albert II & Prime minister Verhofstadt ( and more political persons !!) .
So like You as Politician President Bush have trying in recent years the world also now into 2005 to change for more democratic and humane policy of the countries You need to know with which criminal man in ruler or the King Albert II –Belgium You coming in visit , and like Prime minister Verhofstadt keep strong silence about these case and his concerned criminal members there his own Belgians people into secret ways torture , killings executed , plunder and or children rapes or abuse , these all with the help from his own concerned members of Justice throughout execute forgery laws and these sure not respect the International Treats of the Human Rights .

So as our own Belgians policy and Justice into the past his own law of genocide having used for lead astray the world and so his own genocide to keep secret on the community ,and uphold ,You President Bush can knowledge here how You fair International deals with such crime policy of Belgium-Europe can make about one new democratic policy or one new Holocaust into Europe like now happen on secret ways for power & money & ……!!!.

With these short letter want I Paul Kenis out Belgium You President Bush and other politic leaders from the world Yours make attentive about the European’s crime policy , so have I Paul here the proof that the European leaders or politicians these secret genocide on the Europe community trying or with guilty are on to keep silence and who self the media-groups perhaps paying are with silence money to self CNN, Reuters and more , possible self the International Criminal Court into The Hague! also the VN or Kofi Annan his hands holds off for Europe to try more democratic to make , but see not shamed be for shake the hands with these serial-killer from Belgium , King Albert II .
President Bush , about what also want to talk You with these murders from Belgium on 21 February 2005 You have to know what the hard true be from the policy of Belgium so that You can imagine how You into the future the world better can make and on witch way with …..!
I Paul hope for the Europe community and special for Belgium that You President Bush the force have to talk about these crime affairs into Europe and we can find together one solution for to dismantle Europe’s greatest crime network of politicians and Justice !!!..
Respectfully yours, Paul Kenis out the police state or secret dictatorship Belgium –Europe
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